This page contains pictures and family trees .  I have eight great grandparents, of which there is a wealth of information on many of them and only their names are available  on others.  See  a summary.

There was a relationship between the Sondergeld and Hagemann families in Germany.  Also note the relationships between the Sondergeld, Louis, Knopp, and Kinsel families.

Sondergeld Family:   Martin Sondergeld is the father of the Northern Ohio Sondergeld Family. Martin and his first wife Elizabeth arrived in New York Harbor on May 7, 1855 from Bremen on the "Coriolan".  Extensive data on his descendents, his German roots, and the Hagemann Family is included below. Don's father is Walter, Don's grandfather is Jacob, and Don's great grandfather is Martin.

Martin Sondergeld (5/18/1823-11/26/1884) & Anna Barbara Hagemann (9/1/1834-11/26/1924)   

Jacob Sondergeld (10/31/1867-1/28/1943) & Magdalena Lewis (4/15/1875-10/9/1951)           

Walter Sondergeld (11/10/1901-5/29/1981) & Marie Kinsel (2/2/1901-2/20/1982)                    

Donald Sondergeld (11/13/1930-         ) & Mary Towne (6/11/1934-          )

Did any of Don's German Speaking relatives sing: Mein Hut Der Hat Drei Ecken?

My Grandmother Kinsel taught me a poem about a cat playing in the snow.

Hagemann  Family:   Don Sondergeld first published both a Sondergeld and a Hagemann  genealogy in 1988.  A Katherine Hageman had also done work on the Hagemann genealogy.  The Sondergeld and Hagemann families came from Unterhaun near Bad Hersfeld in Hesse, Germany. Don is descended from his great grandfather Martin Sondergeld and great grandmother Anna Barbara Hagemann, Martin's third wife. Barbara arrived in New York Harbor on the "Elise Mathilda" on 6/9/1862 from Bremen.

Sondergeld Family in Australia:  Martin Sondergeld's brother, John, emigrated to Crows Nest (near Toowoomba) in Queensland, Australia in the same year (1855) that Martin emigrated to Ohio. He sailed from Hamburg on 9/30/1855 on the "Johann Caeser" with his wife and two year old son and arrived at Moreton Bay, Queensland on 2/3/1856.  Neville Sondergeld from Toowoomba, Queensland compiled a genealogy of Neville's great grandfather John, which is included below.  When Don and Mary visited Neville in 1994 we went to Crows Nest which has Sondergeld farmhouses and a Sondergeld Road that are similar to the Sondergeld farmhouses on the Sondergeld Road in Ohio.  Don knew what Charlton Heston felt like at the end of The Planet of the Apes. 

Other Sondergeld Families in the US:  

Maryland: Ambrose Sondergeld arrived in 1844.
Texas: (Descended from Martin Sondergeld's niece Anna, who probably arrived in Texas in  1869, although her husband arrived from Bremen on the "Magdalene" on 4/16/1869 in New York Harbor)
Kentucky: Arrived in New Orleans in 1856 This family is probably related to Don.
Central Ohio: Arrived in 1888.
New York: Arrived 11/8/1894 in New York Harbor on the "Havel"
California: Arrived in 1910.

Louis Family:    Don's  grandfather Jacob Sondergeld's wife was Magdalene Louis Sondergeld.  Greg Knopp's great grandmother was  Magdalene's sister Anna Louis Knopp.  Their father, Johann Louis was born in Mecklenburg, Germany on 11/09/1834. Johann Louis and his father left Germany on 10/20/1852 and arrived in New York on 3/14/1853, a 19 week voyage. Greg has done both a Louis and a Knopp genealogy.  Both genealogies are  included below.

Sutter Family:   Don's mother was Marie Kinsel.  Marie Kinsel's mother was Amelia Sutter.  Mildred Danklefsen Walmsley (whose mother was a Sutter) did a genealogy of the Sutter family.  This has been updated by Jeanette Danklefsen Schwab.  It is included below.  Also there are six Sutter Lutheran Ministers shown.

Kinsel Family:   A Kinsel genealogy is included below. Gottfried Kinsel was born in 1834 in Posen Prussia (now Poznan, Poland) We do not know if he came from somewhere in the province of Posen or from the city of Posen. He came to America on the ship Celestial Empire which arrived in New York from Bremen on July 13, 1872.  He had 10 children.  Don is a grandson of  Henry, the fourth child.  Gottfried's third child was Ottilie.  One of her granddaughters married Arthur Sondergeld, a grandson of Martin Sondergeld  Martin is Don Sondergeld's great grandfather. 

Burton Family:  Don's mother, Marie Kinsel had four brothers and three sisters. Her oldest sister, Agnes Kinsel, married Irven  Burton.   Material on the Burton family is included below.

Towne Family:   A book has been written on the Towne genealogy. A summary has been included.  Mary Towne Sondergeld wrote a letter 5/15/2001  to grandson Ryan Whitney quoting family background on witchcraft from Kenneth Robert's book: "Trending Into Maine". Three of Mary's  ancestors were accused of being witches in Salem, Massachusetts and two were actually hanged. 

The Pulitzer  Prize winning book:  "A Midwife's Tale:  The Life of Martha Ballard, Based on Her Diary 1785-1812" by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich is the diary of Mary Towne Sondergeld's great great great great grandmother.   Patricia L Schmidt's book: Margaret Chase Smith, Beyond Convention contained a quote from Mary Towne Sondergeld's mother Loretta Dillon Towne.

Flagg Family: This family and the Towne family have an interesting connection.  Read about it. Gersham Flagg is buried in the Old Granary Burying Ground on Tremont Street in Boston.  Read about that.

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Sondergeld Family background from Hessen   pdf version

German Sondergeld Family   Tree

       Sondergeld Family in Germany    Pictures  Peter in Kassel in 2011

Bridge over Haun River in Unterhaun, Germany

Sondergeld House in Unterhaun, Germany

Fall 2005 in Germany Hermann (Eimer) Herlinde and Alexander Sondergeld

Peter Sondergeld's children on January 17, 2014

In November 2014 Eugen sang a birthday serenade in Unterhaun to his brother Klaus Peter.                     See   Eugen is also a member of a Shanty Choir in Unterhaun.  See a video of its performance in February 2015  which includes the Kirchberg graveyard and chapel ruins in Unterhaun shown below.


HAGEMANN Family in Germany and in US   (Martin's third wife was a Hagemann) 

      Don Sondergeld is related to Barbara Hageman, who also graduated from Olney High School.

AUSTRALIA Sondergeld Family  (Martin's brother emigrated to Australia)

        Sondergeld Family Pictures:  Visiting Australia in 1994   Addenda to Australian Genealogy

Sondergeld Families in the US

Northern Ohio MARTIN Sondergeld Family  (Martin was Don's great grandfather)

      John Charles, MargaretFred Jacob,

      HenryElizabethAnna Edward

      Martin and Jacob Sondergeld Family:  Pictures     Jacob's Obit

      Martin Sondergeld Family Pictures in 1920:    Children     Children with Spouses

      I & II & III John Charles and Margaret  Pictures in 1920                                               

      V Fred Sondergeld Family Pictures around 1920

      V Fred Sondergeld Family around 1936

      VI Jacob Sondergeld Family around 1921   

      Sondergeld Weddings: Walter and Marie;    Lester and Esther                                     

       VII Henry Sondergeld Family around 1929  

       V-10 James Sondergeld Family around 1956

      Sondergeld pictures of: different relatives.

      Don Sondergeld at Indian Lake , Ohio in 1950

      Don Sondergeld:

      Family 1930- 1953   Family 1954 - 1984  Family 1985 -1994   Family 1995 -2010  Family 2011 -       

      Traveling thru 2007     Europe 1987       Mary is 70 

       Karen        David        Eric         Amy      Karla

       1957 Wedding:  Don and Mary Sondergeld    With Parents

       Don Sondergeld Family: At Lake Beebe  At Disneyworld

       Fall 2005 school pictures of our nine grandchildren: 

Ryan Sara Caitlin     Owen & Kyle        Aleksey         Zach & Erin        Alexei

       Don and Mary's 50th  Wedding Anniversary in 2007:                                                    

       Album 1    Album 2     Album  3     Album 4      Album 5

       Mary is 80 in June 2014

       List of sizeable Family Gatherings

      Below:  July 11, 2015 at John & Connie Towne's home on Muscongus Bay in Bremen, ME.


                              Karla                            Amy                        Eric                David           Karen

Texas Sondergeld Family  (Anna Sondergeld is the niece of Martin Sondergeld)

       Anna Sondergeld Greifenstein Family in Texas

Kentucky Sondergeld Family (possibly related to Don) More Detail.

California Sondergeld Family (probably not related to Don)

Central Ohio Sondergeld Family (probably not related to Don)

New York Sondergeld Family (probably not related to Don)

Maryland Sondergeld Family (probably not related to Don) Ambrose  Mary Anna



LOUIS and KNOPP Family:  Don's grandfather Jacob married a Louis

        Louis and Knopp Family Pictures



SUTTER  Family  Don's maternal great grandmother married a Sutter

      Don Sondergeld is the great grandson of the Reverend Godfrey Sutter

      Read Biography of Godfrey Sutter and especially Autobiography of Mary Reiff Sutter

      Sutter Six Lutheran Ministers and Reverend Richard Sutter  and Don

      Genealogy of Joggi Sutter, born 1696

      Genealogy of Arthur Sutter, a nephew of Amelia Sutter Kinsel

           Credits: Mildred Danklefson Walmsley &  Jeanette Danklefsen  Schwab

            Sutter Family Pictures

            Godfrey Sutter and Mary Reiff Sutter

            Mary Reiff Sutter and Family in Oak Harbor, Ohio in 1936

     Mary Reiff Sutter and Cousins in 1936                                                                                                            

KINSEL Family     Don's mother's mother was Amelia Sutter Kinsel

             Kinsel Family (Henry)   Kinsel Famiy (Ottilie)    Marjorie Treter Sondergeld 

     Kinsel Family Pictures in Oak Harbor Ohio:

     Front of House     Sisters on a Bike   Henry and his Chickens   

     Henry and Amelia Kinsel Family early

     Henry and Amelia Kinsel Family later (same pose)

     Henry and Amelia Kinsel  Wedding

     Amelia Sutter Kinsel and daughter Marie Kinsel Sondergeld each age 20

     Great granddaughter Karen Sondergeld age 21

     Anna Hetrick is 100     Anna and Otto Kinsel

     Albert Kinsel   Many other Kinsel Pictures


BURTON Family Don's mother's eldest sister was Agnes Kinsel Burton.

Many Burtons are buried in the White Oak Grove Cemetery in  Green Township in Fayette County, OH.   

Irven's cousin, Mable Burton, became a Cinderella by marrying John Ringling of circus fame.   They had a home in Alpine, New Jersey in what is now the Palisades Park.     Mable's funeral was at Gray Crag, their estate in Alpine, NJ.   Mable designed their home, the Ca'd'Zan Mansion in Sarasota, Florida.   There are pictures of Ca'd'Zan at and a great article at 

Mable and John Ringling are buried near  Mable's Rose Garden the Art Museum, and the Circus Museum on their Sarasota estate which are all open to the public.  View a picture and read an article in 1970 about Mable and her siblings.  John Ringling also developed Bird Key in Sarasota. 

See a list of her Mabel's many projects at and also and  Also see and

The Sarasota Alliance for Historic Preservation held a dedication ceremony for the restoration of the Mable Ringling Memorial Fountain and Reflecting Pool in January 2014 in Sarasota.  Also see many pictures at:  Backgound is at 

Another famous Burton relative was Milton Caniff "The Rembrant of Comics" who  wrote Terry and The Pirates and Steve "Burton" Canyon.   

Don's cousins, the Burton Twins were 18 in 1946: Dulcy Burton Stark and Doris Burton BellArt Burton is 18 in 1940.  Other Kinsel/Burton pictures. And some pictures of the Burton Twins: Dulcy & Doris.



TOWNE Family Detailed Genealogy      Don's wife is Mary Towne Sondergeld

TOWNE Family Background and Salem Witches

           Towne Family  Pictures 

    Dr Charles E Towne opens office in 1933   

   Mary Towne 1934 to 1957

    Mary Towne Sondergeld in 1944 with her mother Loretta Dillon Towne

            Mary in High School in 1951 in Waterville, Maine   

            Dr J G Towne Obituary in 1954

            Charles and Loretta Towne with Mary, Don, John and Connie in 1971

            Lorettta Dillon Towne Obituary in 1973

            Charles Towne marries Evelyn Hanscom in 1974

            Karen and Her Grandfather Cross Country Captains at Colby 1980

            Dr Charles E Towne Obituary in 1988








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