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2006 at Winterthur 2010 Naples Botanical Garden
2011 Half Dome in Yosemite 2015 in Naples Florida

Yes, Mary likes to "Walk In The Forest" to look at wildflowers and also to go "shrooming"  with Eva Breckenridge. 

And she likes to swim every day in the summer with the "Turtles"  across Beebe Pond in Hubbardton, Vermont.  The Turtle Club was organized in 1986.

She is the Head Snapper out of the original five that included Florence Mason, Jody Zeoli, Bev Grald, and Barb Cooley. Barbara Dellamonte and Anne Holland are now regulars. To become a member, one must participate in the 7:30 am swim three times. New members are awarded a small turtle pin.   Read a terrific story and view pictures by the eminent  artist and writer Florence Mason:  "The Turtle Tale".

                     Joanne Zeoli,   Anne Holland,   Barbara Dellamonte,      Barb Cooley      Florence Mason,         Beverly Grald,                  Mary Sondergeld

Yes, she is a voracious reader, she loves her IPad, and likes to listen to book tapes.

But what Mary likes best, is being a mother to our five children and especially a NANA to our nine grandchildren.

Our children:  July 11, 2015 at John & Connie Towne's home on Muscongus Bay in Bremen, ME.


                              Karla                            Amy                        Eric                David           Karen

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1 Karen Elizabeth Sondergeld (1959) & Duncan Whitney (1959) 

   Married in Emanuel Lutheran Church in Hartford, CT on 8.18.1984      


   Ryan Charles Whitney (1989)   Sara Kinsel Whitney (1991)    Caitlin Rose Whitney (1994)  


2 David Alan Towne Sondergeld (1960) & Shelley Wargo (1959) 

   Married at the Blacksmith Tavern in Glastonbury, CT on 2.22.1993.  (divorced in 2011)


   Owen Wargo Sondergeld (1993)      Kyle Olsen Sondergeld (1995)


3 Eric Towne Sondergeld (1962) & Cynthia Bednarz (1961)

   Married in Old Wethersfield, CT on 7.16.1988.


    Alexei Jacob Sondergeld (1998)  In early 2009, Alexei entered an essay in a contest called    

    "Confessions of a Word Nerd" which challenges high school students to incorporate at least fifty

     words into a humorous essay.  It was quite good.  


Amelia Anne Sondergeld  (1965)  & Lou Magno (1954)

    Married  Lou in Emanuel Lutheran Church in  Hartford, CT on 6.10.1989.  (divorced)

    Then married Tom Kullgren at the Waybury Inn in East Middlebury, VT on 8.07.2010.


    Aleksey Sondergeld Magno (1995)


Karla Jean Sondergeld (1968) & David Principe (1970)     

    Married at the Lilac Inn in Brandon, VT on 7.20.1996.


    Zachary Towne Principe (1998)     Erin Salvia Principe (2000)


     August 1999 Family Picture with Peter Sondergeld at Beebe Pond, Hubbardton, Vermont


     August 2001 Family Picture at Beebe Pond, Hubbardton, Vermont


     August 2002:  45th Wedding Anniversary,  Middlebury College Golf Club, Middlebury, Vermont


     June 2004   Mary's 70th Birthday at Beebe Pond, Hubbardton, Vermont:    Family    Grandchildren


      August 2004 Seven of Grandchildren at Amy's in West Hartford, Connecticut


      August 2007   50th Wedding Anniversary, Mountain Top Inn, Chittenden, Vermont


      August 2010   Siblings: Amy & Tom Kulgren's Wedding at Waybury Inn in East Middlebury, VT


      June 2014 Family Picture at Beebe Pond on Mary's 80th


      June 2014 Don Mary and our five "children"


      June 2014  Mary & brother John


      July 11, 2015 Don, Mary, and our five "children"     July 11, 2015 The Sondergeld Family   




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