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16 Bonny Eagle Road, #3
Standish, Maine 04084

Phone (207) 221-0765

United Parcel Service

EFFECTIVE May 20th, 2020
After almost two decades of mishaps and excuses from this declining shipper,
I permanently closed my account and no longer ship out
or recommend customers use United Parcel Service.
Use them to ship to me at your own risk.


ALL credit accounts, BOTH REAL and "perceived", are absolutely CLOSED PERMANENTLY effective Sept. 15th, 2017 !

ALL goods and services for ALL CUSTOMERS will be PAID IN FULL
(PayPal, cash, approved check, money order or bank draft) BEFORE leaving R.E.D. !


Basic Precision Racing Engine Services

Single Cylinder Two Strokes: Oringed_Pic Compression_Release_gifComp_Rel_Pic
  • Cylinder boring/honing/port chamfering
  • Full cylinder porting for low, midrange or high RPM targets
  • Surface cleaning/Bead blasting
  • Engine cases, other machined surfaces milled/lapped dead flat and/or repaired
  • Fastener (hole/screw/bolt/stud) removal/thread repairs
  • Spark Plug thread renewal with stainless steel inserts
  • Aluminum, Stainless Steel TIG welding

Harley Davidson & Single Cylinder Four Strokes:
  • Head planning/machining for increased compression ratio targets
  • 'PrecisePlacement' 2nd spark plug hole planning/machining (any thread diameter/length)
  • Valve guide replacement/valve stem clearancing
  • Valve seat cutting (racing profiles or OEM rebuild spec's)
  • Seat blending to ports/combustion chamber
  • Full cylinder head porting/flow testing
  • Cylinder boring/honing
  • Cylinder deck 'squaring'/height alteration
  • Surface cleaning/Bead blasting
  • Engine cases, other machined surfaces milled/lapped dead flat and/or repaired
  • Fastener (hole/screw/bolt/stud) removal/thread repairs
  • Spark Plug thread renewal with stainless steel inserts
  • Precision Harley head assembly (incl. clearancing for high lift cams/springs)
  • Aluminum, Stainless Steel TIG welding

Official Dealer for These Premium Manufacturers:

  • advancedlogo.png       Advanced Cylinder Sleeves
          (Premium quality, replacement/custom aluminum or cast iron cylinder sleeves)
  • andrews.png      Andrews Performance Products
          (Harley Davidson cams/valve train components)
  • cometic-logo.png       Cometic Gaskets
          (Replacement and custom gaskets, motorcycle/snowmobile/watercraft/automotive)
  • cpcarrillologo.jpg      CP Pistons
          (Special/Extreme application Custom Pistons for four strokes up to 5.125" bore diameters/legendary Carillo connecting rods for the most severe duty applications)
  • cylinderworks150.png       Cylinder Works
          (Big bore and replacement cylinder kits)
  • hotcams.png       Hot Cams
          (Cutting edge performance camshafts)
  • hotrodslogo.png       Hot Rods
          (Premium quality, severe duty replacement connecting rod kits)
  • ferrea_logo.png       Ferrea Valves
          (Extreme Duty valves/valve train components, motorcycle/automotive)
  • lasleeve_logo.png       LA Sleeve Company
          (Automotive/motorcycle/marine/snowmobile cylinder sleeves)
  • leineweber.png       Leineweber Enterprises
          (Harley Davidson cams/valve train components)
  • megacycle.png       MegaCycle Cams
          (Japanese/European motorcycle cam/valve train components)
  • tassinari.png       Moto Tassinari
          (Superior Techbnology.  Superior Performance.  The finest reed valve systems money can buy)
  • pcs.gif       PCS Custom Exhaust Systems
          (Exceptional, custom-fitted-to-vehicle, motorcycle/snowmobile/automotive exhaust
          systems...  MUST have adequate vehicle skeleton on premises to fabricate)
  • pivotlogo.png       Pivot Works
          (High quality suspension rebuild components)
  • revvalves.png       Racing Engine Valves
          (Harley Davidson/Japanese motorcycle valves)
  • sivalves.png       SI Valves
          (Motorcycle/automotive valves/valve train components)
  • vertex.gif       Vertex Pistons
          (Quality cast OEM replacement pistons)
  • victory1.jpg       Victory One Titanium
          (Harley Davidson/Japanese motorcycle/automotive custom titanium wrist pins/valves/valve train components)
  • web_cam.gif       WebCam
          (Japanese/vintage motorcycle cams/valve train components)
  • wiseco.jpg       Wiseco Piston Company
          (Motorcycle/automotive/watercraft/snowmobile forged racing pistons and connecting rods)

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