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Classic and Vintage Racing Motorcycle Engines are One of My Specialties!

The Bartmeister     I offer special vintage engine "work-up" specifications for any two stroke and flow bench development for any four stroke package. I specialize in modifications for engines of many years past to be used in all different forms of vintage racing competition. Roadracing, flat track, asphalt drags, hillclimbing, sand drags, ice racing, shifter karts....... you name it, I'll develop a package for it. This can include anything from a mild port clean-up to full "rpm specific" targeted porting and can be combined with custom tuned exhaust and intake systems all designed to work harmoniously towards a common system goal.

    Because I do all types of custom applications, I don't turn away inquiring folks just because it's not a current model year project. I remember and still speak fluent "S" and "H" Series Kawasaki triples, Drag H2-750 A Series Twins, TD's, TZ's, RD's, RZ's, YZ's, TM's, RM's, GT's, CR's, MT's, etc.. And not just Japanese items....... how about the Stilletto's, Phantom's, Pursang's, Metralla's and Super Sabre's? I have been involved in porting alterations for over 40 years, (even before doing it as a business) and have been inside most of them at one time or another. I sometimes can connect my customers to others in the vintage motorcycle field as sources of hard to get parts and rare information for restoration. Ossa Exhaust

    I carefully assess your application needs and then suggest guidelines based on your input. I recommend a specific compression ratio based on type of use, type of fuel you will use and octane level. I plan and set squish clearance, area and angle as well as chamber pocket depth and deck height on all two strokes. On four strokes, proper quench clearance is achieved along with a flow complimentary chamber shape that contributes to good combustion characteristics. All required forms of combustion chamber machining, including welding, are skillfully and accurately imparted. Two strokes get cylinder ports with appropriate port open times and port shapes that are conducive to the type of power and engine longevity that you need....... not just a selection from two or three "phases" of engine mod offerings. Four strokes get the same application appropriate planning with regard to conduit internal dimensions, velocity and airflow volume needs, valve sizes and shapes, seat configuration as well as camshaft profile, lift and duration guidance. I plan intake system mod's for you including air filtration, carburetor size and type, intake manifold design, etc.. Exhaust systems that commercially exist can be scrutinized for an application match, can be modified to match or can be designed from scratch and custom fitted to your machine with manifold and mounts. Custom designed and fitted exhaust systems require at least an assembled "shell" engine and a rolling chassis to custom fit to.

    My unique services include adapting pistons/connecting rods from late model engines, resleeve or Nikasil big bore kits, cylinder crankcase stud relocation, "built-up" style crankshaft TIG fuse welding service, additional "boost" style transfer ports, "advanced level" additional ports (transfer and/or exhaust, as applicable), special air cooled to liquid cooled cylinder and/or head conversions (as applicable), custom-matched hand-built-to-chassis two and four stroke exhaust systems, fabricated intake/exhaust manifolds and high flow air filters. Ossa 250 Road Race Super Vee

    I am always interested in the unusual challenge and encourage your inquiries. I am also a small company completely involved in each and every customer project and therefore require your consideration of my work backlog and careful scheduling needs. Please contact me at your convenience for further information.

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