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"Any company or organization listed has proven their ability, honesty and integrity..."

Cancer Treatment/Research

Nagourney Cancer Institute

Founded in 1993 by Dr. Robert Nagourney, a prominent hematologist/oncologist, NCI pioneers intelligent cancer therapies that are specifically tailored for each individual patient... BEFORE treatment begins.

Firearms Links... Remember how we gained the freedom we enjoy daily!

Gun Owners of America

"The ONLY no-compromise gun lobby in Washington..."

High Tech Software

Audie Technology

Cutting edge wave simulation software, flowbench, camshaft
and valve train analysis equipment and software.

Snowmobile, Motorcycle, Boat Info/Racing

DynoTECH Research

Since 1988, Jim Czekala of DynoTech Research
has provided REAL WORLD product test results on snowmobiles and motorcycles of every stripe imaginable.
An HONEST gentleman of earned, proven reputation, he has offered a long standing history
of reliable results and cutting edge technology testing.  Do NOT miss this one!


Technology, Racing, New Products

Cycle News

THE reference rock of products, reviews and information
from the motorcycle world.

Scream And Fly

News, racing events, results, forum and links
from the boating world.

Politics, Conservatism & Tradition


Mass Socialist Media scrutiny and liberal distortions/lies of the moment.

One America News Network

REAL News, reported in the traditional sense of original journalism.
Refreshing alternative to the CESSPOOL of disinformation prevalent everywhere else.

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