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Now Over 40 Years of Two Stroke Engine Porting Experience!

...there's nothing like castor bean on the morning air!shrieking, howling 400 HP V8 3.5 liter F1 OMC Outboard

    Two stroke engine modifications are available for virtually any use or application.  Historically, I have ported motorcycles for enduro, motocross, flat track, road race, drag race and hot street use.   Vintage two stroke road racers are a favorite.   I have ported mopeds for race teams' pit transportation, many different models of personal watercraft for recreational use as well as various racing classes, ATV's, karts, snowmobiles, outboards and even chainsaws!   Engine sizes have varied from 30 to over 4000 cc's in displacement and user RPM's from 4000 to over 17,000.   Each has a unique application, set of operating parameters and very importantly, rider/driver skill level.  Determination of individual exact conditions of operation is the prime priority when planning each and every project at R.E.D..

    Please note that the following outlines HOW I plan modifications (to be imparted by me personally) if you choose to have this company do work for you.   I DO NOT SELL PORTING SPECIFICATIONS!!!   The reason for this policy is that I cannot possibly know the level of ability for you or someone else to accurately modify the ports and this makes all the difference in the world as to how the end product turns out.   I will not allow myself to be put in a situation to be blamed for another's lack of expertise in implementing correctly altered ports.   The only exception to this policy is made when I am conducting two stroke engine simulations for a paying patron.   Then, port timing/area information is supplied only at the patron's risk for accurate use.

    I begin with an initial picture of what your needs are from your initial contact information.   That is followed up with an e-mailed response from me.   This will inquire about key information that will further allow me to form a recommended plan for you.   Your package will include recommendations on compression ratio and combustion chamber modifications needed to optimize squish area, contour and clearance based on use and fuel you will employ.   General porting overview recommendations are described and explained as to why they are the logical choice.   Other recommended changes such as air filtration, carburetor size and type, intake manifold and tuned exhaust are always discussed.   Expansion chamber designs have been planned and built for low speed torque to high speed horsepower and everything in between.   Custom expansion chamber specifications are generated and sold at a very reasonable cost using an in-house created program written and refined over thirty two years experience and involvement.   The success of pipes planned has been outstanding.   Careful matching to the entire package target is the key.

    Special attention is paid to the method of power transfer to your two stroke vehicle's medium and the corresponding demands for powerband width and flexibility.   Items such as personal watercraft and outboard equipped boats require broad powerbands due to a lack of variable or selectable-during-operation transmission ratios.   Heavier vehicles and those used in hilly terrain such as some ATV's need similar broad power characteristics.   Some lighter motorcycle applications used for road racing and the like strike a middle ground while snowmobiles and various drag racing devices can often live with a very narrow, high RPM power width.   Each defines it's own limits.   Track conditions, engine life requirements, fuel, maintenance scheduling and driver/rider experience round out the boundaries of each project's plan.   At R.E.D., thorough analysis of the ingredients is the path to answers for your needs...  Contact me or call if you prefer at (207) 221-0765, 9AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday.  Leave a message if I don't pick up (...always busy!) and I will promptly return your call.

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