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The Pipe/Porting Planning and Design Process

     Two stroke exhaust systems are dynamically very complicated yet also very effective tuning tools to manipulate, adjust and capitalize upon an engine's power characteristics.  There are a multitude of variables and their effects on the individual powerband targets to be analyzed and considered.  My exhaust system designs start by inputting all the necessary information into a program I wrote to generate a beginning point.  This consistently yields something that is close to rendering the desired result and has an excellent record.  It is based upon many conventional, time proven mathematical approaches as well as a good amount of empirical adjustments drawn from over thirty five years of planning experience and application.

     I now further hone the characteristics of all pipe and engine packages by computer simulation.  This has shown distinct advantages in selecting minor pipe adjustments to find little extras that formerly were only found with real world dynomometer time.  It patterns and graphs particle and pressure wave activity in the conduits of the entire engine assembly enabling an astounding insight into the dynamic functions created by dimensional changes.

     It also requires more input information from the customer and more time dedicated in the planning process.  This reduces the speed and number of designs that can be created in a given period of time.  However, volume of work and time in preparation payoff with results.  It is my view that this is always to the project's advantage.

     PLEASE NOTE that submitting this information for the purpose of designing a custom exhaust system BLUEPRINT will cost $140 and up, pending system complexity.  Again, please e-mail for a specific pipe project quotation.  You must have a fabricator local to you build the system to specification and fit to your particular vehicle's chassis.  Custom fabrication and fitment can ONLY be done here if we have the vehicle in house by prior arrangement and scheduling and at considerable extra cost!

Thank you!

Required Input Data to
Analyze Porting/Plan Custom 2 Stroke Exhaust System
for Your Specific Application

Please enter your current engine information below in (check one):
 thousandths of inches
hundredths of mm's
Note: ALL port window roof and floor heights are to be measured
vertically from the top of the cylinder!  Individual data titles in

blue may be clicked for a description of the requested information!
----------------- Current Engine Statistics -----------------
<------------ OR ------------>
<------------ OR ------------>
---------------- Inlet ---------------
--------- Induction Method -----------

     After pressing "Send" above, you will automatically go here to fill out the remainder of the required engine input information.

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