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Deciding What Level of
Performance Increase is Correct For You
...and How to Get There from Here

     A "stock" engine is one that is "as issued" performance-wise, unmodified from factory intended specifications.  When making the decision to increase engine output, there are an infinite number of options, combinations and directions one can go.  High performance engine modifications frequently get a bad reputation from poor or outright wrong decisions as to what should be changed, to what degree and in what order.  The results are routinely unsatisfactory, commonly unreliable and frequently specified by a vendor who wishes to sell the customer his product whether needed or not.

      What makes my services and guidance different and unique is my method and approach to getting you what you really want and need.  Many times, what you think you want is not what you really want.  Furthermore, between the multitude of quickie magazine articles, flashy miracle products and ever available bench racing advice from all your go-fast buddies it can be next to impossible for the novice to really know what is the best course of action.  It is what I do and one of the responsibilities I take most seriously.

      While I do offer some brand specific combinations of alterations that may well satisfy a given group of people's wants, each situation is viewed on a case by case, personal basis.   I take great pains to review the individual's use, application and goals.  I construct a baseline of "where you are now" and "where you want to be" balanced against cost, reliability and manageable level of increased maintenance.  Different situations mandate different plans and there is no "one size fits all".  Obviously, someone that is seeking broad power across the full range of engine RPM's, great throttle response and torque, low maintenance and high reliability is going to need a plan quite different from an all out drag racing device.  On the other hand, those parameters are not going to make much of a winning dragster either.  Between those extremes are as many combinations as the mind can entertain, and that is precisely where experience and planning make all the difference between a success story and just another assembly of money/effort spent in the wrong places.

     When you use my services you will be required to participate in giving me adequate feedback and input as to what state of tune your engine is in currently as well as what your needs and goals are.  I also need to know what level of maintenance you are willing to commit to to keep your higher output, more stressed engine functioning at its' best.  Either your mechanical abilities or those of a trusted technician need to be up to the requirements created by the modified design.  The degree of maintenance needed varies with the output of the completed motor.  In ALL cases, I go to great lengths to interpret and guide you based on your input and stated desires.

     When inquiring with me by phone or e-mail, please be ready to give me a basic outline of your current engine changes, what you think you want, what you have to spend and your intended use.   Here are some of the things I will be asking about:

     All Two and Four stroke engines:

     On maximum effort projects, computer simulation software is utilized.   For examples of the degree of data necessary for full engine simulations, both to establish a current baseline of performance as well as to plan and refine proposed modifications, please view these two pages:

     Two Stroke Engine Simulation Process

     Four Stroke Engine Simulation Process

     The intention of this explanation is to give you a window into how I interact with you directly to assess and plan a customized modification package that truly suits your goals.  I encourage you to e-mail or call me at (207) 221-0765 with any questions pertaining to your project.  Remember, the only "stupid questions" are the ones that don't get asked!

     Thank you for your interest!

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