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High Performance Intake and Exhaust Systems... from Design to Fabrication!

Simmons Kawasaki F7-175 'Hot Street' Pipe

     For those customers seeking a maximized package for their application, I offer custom intake and exhaust system designs for both two and four stroke engines. This allows one to free themselves from the power restraints that the available aftermarket "production" intake and exhaust systems impose. Please click HERE for a two stroke input information "Fill Out Form" to conveniently supply the required data to plan a custom designed high performance expansion chamber specifically for YOU! Four stroke exhaust systems are designed through conventional formula methods and subsequent simulation. The information Fill Out Form can be found HERE.

     Please note that these are DESIGN services! Fabrication can ONLY be done if the vehicle is scheduled to be brought here to R.E.D. for direct fitting to the vehicle's chassis. For most remote customers, the best procedure is to have the design fabricated and fitted to your vehicle by a craftsman local to you.

     Think about it...  if you were offering a mass produced item for general market consumption, it would have to strike a compromise to work acceptably well on most engine's state of tune for the particular model in question. It costs a LOT of money to tool up for a production run and lots of planning goes into the design! As a matter of fact, just trying to cover the needs of a particular manufacturer's large line of models would be daunting! How many different states of tune for an individual model might there be? The intake and exhaust systems must be carefully matched to all engine tuning parameters for ideal performance... they should be the product of consideration of many, many variables.

     I don't offer mass produced pipes or intakes. I DO offer design planning for a specific engine in a specific state of tune.

     Intake items include custom spacers, manifolds, filtration housings, carburetor venturi modification and boring, custom reed kit creation for piston port two strokes and even intake port relocation. Because this is a custom shop, I never shy away from unusual or atypical requests... IT'S WHAT I DO! If you don't see it mentioned, just ask...

     Most exhaust system custom design specifications for two strokes or four strokes cost $64. That puts in your hands a clearly described and illustrated set of "blueprints" that outline a system planned just for your engine in its' wholly considered state of tune. Designs are generated from a vast library of previously built systems, conventional methods and state of the art computer wave simulation for both two strokes and four strokes.

     In cases where the customer can provide me with the required degree of engine and chassis "shell", I also offer premium fabrication and fitting to specification by a master welder/fabricator with well over 20 years in his trade. His work is exact and cosmetically superb. Typical cost for a single cylinder two stroke expansion chamber, designed and fitted to the chassis, including hand matched exhaust manifold, gasket, silencer and mounting hardware starts at about $350 and up. When your needs surpass what can be purchased off the shelf, I can provide answers from many years of careful analysis and research.

     Many times alterations can be made to an existing system when racing class rules won't permit a custom alternative or the wallet just won't support such a change. While this rarely would yield the ultimate solution to a customer's needs, it is a very convenient option which frequently nets big gains over an otherwise stock system. I can analyze an existing intake or exhaust system and determine its' weak points and potential opportunities for improvement. Please contact me with your questions.

Click here to see Audie Technology software information

Above is a screen sampling from Audie Technology's recently released Dynomation 2® wave simulation
for two stroke is used at R.E.D. to manage intake and exhaust systems, velocities, port areas/durations,
primary and secondary compression and a host of other variables.

Click here to see Audie Technology software information

Above is a screen sampling from Audie Technology's revolutionary Dynomation® for four stroke engines...
it is used at R.E.D. to manage cam, airflow, velocity, compression, fuel, intake and exhaust system parameters.

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