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About the simulation process, what it can do for you and how I charge for services...

           I utilize Curtis Leaverton's Dynomation 2 simulation software to analyze a current or proposed engine's set-up over its' desired RPM operating range.  There are many "computer dynos" available on today's market that offer varying degrees of accuracy and output information.  Most are "empty and fill" models and do not simulate dynamic wave activity... Dynomation 2 does.  Until this tool was invented, I have never found a software package that was able to deliver the critical indicators that, when skillfully used, would give such a level of insight into the internal functions of a given set-up and, more importantly, allow the experienced tuner to dynamically deduce deficient areas and thus those that need further alteration.

          While it is available to the general public, the input information quantity (as you'll see on the following input forms) and the required two stroke engine theory background/experience are on a very advanced level.  It is intended for people who's business is seeking high two stroke output levels on a day in and day out basis.  It is NOT particularly user friendly to the average layman.  It DOES crash on occasion and generally gives no indication of what upset it.  Inaccurate or incomplete input information, brake specific fuel consumption figures (manipulated with input fuel/air ratios at each test RPM) that are non-real world, etc. will all create unrealistic and therefore useless output.  I have spent hundreds of hours learning how to successfully "drive" this software vehicle and have quite simply been astounded with its' capabilities and results!  It is totally unlike other computer dynos in that it simulates wave activity, particle velocity and even particle direction (thus enabling the user to detect reversion periods in crankshaft degrees in all intake, transfer and exhaust areas... separately).  In the course of learning efficient operation of the program, I also created accessory spreadsheets which have enabled markedly reduced time required for BSFC adjustments as well as other tuning parameters.  It was a frustrating and at times flat to very steep learning curve, but tenacity has delivered exceptional results far beyond original expectations.  It was such an unexpectedly involved program to write that it took Mr. Leaverton three years longer to perfect than originally planned!  Mr. Leaverton has opened a new door for two stroke technology and truly deserves hearty congratulations... he has done the industry a real service!

           Another exclusive capability that Dynomation 2 offers is the ability to plan and simulate 2 into 1 and even 3 into 1 expansion chamber assemblies!  This is very useful for many snowmobile, personal watercraft and outboard customers (although detailed current Exhaust Gas Temperature probe data is almost mandated in all water cooled pipe configurations).  The program becomes more sensitive and less stable as more cylinders are added to a commonized exhaust system, but most are able to be simulated successfully.  Individual, non-liquid cooled pipes are very easily accomodated.

           So... it is available to you and you may wish to purchase it by simply going here.  However, if you are trying to concentrate on making horsepower and maintaining a competitive racing vehicle without spending $600 for software that will require a vast two stroke theory background, a multitude of other recommended reference materials and many hours to learn to use effectively, you may wish to input your information carefully on the adjoining two pages and pay me to do it for you.  I charge only for data input and analysis time.  The rate is $60 per hour... the computer run time is without charge.  This is significant since each simulation requires typically 10 to as much as 90 minutes or more of dedicated running computer time to accomplish.  If that seems like a long time, consider how long it might take to separately build and test each individual proposed set-up change...  I can generally get you accurate results in three hours of actual programming/analysis time or less.  It all depends on how far you care to look into a given project.  Most folks give me a dollar limit not to be exceeded without further approval and communication of results overview to that point.

           Methods of payment are business or bank check.  Sorry, I do not accept personal checks or credit cards.  You may freely submit your information using the two sequential forms that follow.  I will then contact you by e-mail or phone and clarify any needed details while also establishing a spending limit.  You will be required to pay me before any written data summaries or graphs of the simulations can be forwarded to you.  Payment can be sent to the address at the top of the Homepage.  Please submit any other questions by e-mail here.

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