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Required Four Stroke Simulation Input Data

*** Please note that if your application is supercharged
(only for applications using 15psi or less boost)...

Please enter your current engine information below in:
 thousandths of inches
hundredths of mm's
----------------- Desired Simulation Engine Speeds -----------------
----------------- Camshaft Statistics -----------------
       Roller (Pushrod Type)                     Bucket and Shim (OHC Type)
Flat (Pushrod Type)                         Rocker Arm (OHC Type)
Intake lobe:
Exhaust lobe:
-------------- Intake Duct----------------
-------------- Exhaust Duct----------------
-------------- Exhaust System ----------------
Exhaust Styles
Style: Meg. A

	Meg. B
	Coll. A

	Coll. B
Pipes per cylinder: one two
**Enter collector and/or megaphone dimensions below only as they apply to your system style...
(please note that "Meg. B" style has both a collector and a megaphone)
-------------- Air Flow, Fuel and Carb --------------
Airflow Data: You will input data below
             R.E.D. generated

port with air straightener only
port with int. manifold & air straightener
port with int. manifold & carb
port with int. manifold, carb and filter

open port
port with pipe attached
Gasoline           Gasoline w/ NO2           Methanol
Butterfly Type
Round Slide
Flat Slide
Constant Velocity

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