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A blanket of crossbows by Max.
Summer, 2008

Here, with little ado and varying degrees of documentation, are my attempts at recreating Medieval and Renaissance artifacts and culture.


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Quiver for Crossbow Bolts
An adaptation of late 15c and early 16c examples
Summer 2015
Merode Mousetrap
Functional Recreation from a 15c Painting.
Spring, 2011
Aumbry II
Another Adaptation of Medieval Examples.
Spring, 2011
Maunche award for Iain.  Words, gilding, wax seal and medallion by Max.  Calligraphy by Mickel.
January, 2011

Sinful Stripes
Yes; that article.
Winter, 2009
Writing Box
In the English style of the 16th century.
Summer, 2009
Range Safety for Non-archers
A well-intended snit.
Spring, 2008
5 gallons of semi-sweet mead!
Cat still not included.
May, 2007
Niddy Noddy.
December, 2006
A sewing box of walnut and a gorgeous piece of spalted wood which had to be rescued from the fire pit three times!
October, 2006

Tuscan Reading Desk
Adaptations of a 16th Century example.
Autumn, 2006
An Adaptation of Medieval Examples.
Summer, 2006
Noddy Boards
A 16th Century predecessor to Cribbage.
Spring, 2006.
Rules redacted by 
Justin du Couer
Joiner's Three-legged Chair
How Haus Wanderstamm builds turned chairs without a lathe!
Spring, 2006
Fallen Between Two Stools
A short article about the three-legged chair project.
Spring, 2006
Any Fool Can Be Uncomfortable
A collection of camping hints.
Published September 2005

 This trailer box and
lid converts into . . .
. . . this bed, . . .
. . . which is used to support this full tester bed!
July, 2006

Editor of "The Moonstone," the local SCA Newsletter.  Blackfox Award 2005!
2004 & 2005.
Half-tester bed.
June, 2005
 What Tent?
Camping with the SCA is in tents.
May 1, 2005
Notes on the Design of Crossbows
A general overview in specific detail?
February 27, 2005
An Entirely Too Brief Primer on Translating Blazonry
A 1-page article on Blazonry, with no illustrations?
You try it!
December 31, 2004
Trestle Tables
Haus Wanderstamm builds adaptations of 15th Century examples.
Winter, 2004

Savonarola Chairs
A brief introduction.
Published September, 2004
Gothic iron grill made with Christian's assistance. Cat not included.
October, 2004
  Wind Wall
Portable Holes built by Tim!
Summer 2004 
A Suite of Savonarola Chairs and Stools
Adaptations of 16th century examples.
Winter, 2003
Based on period illustrations.
November, 2003
Max and Mickel's Easy, No-bake Pavilion
Building a pavilion can be fun, easy, and affordable.
Spring 2003

Padded seat on a plywood, six-board box?
It was an early project!
The lid slides open to reveal a dry-ice cooler. Cat not included.
November, 2003

Hourglasses framed in maple and cherry.
December, 2002
Max's first crossbows, built as Christmas gifts.
December, 2001
The P-CCXXXIX Trebuchet launches a water balloon towards Info Point.
Great Northeastern War XV.  July, 2001
Tempest on a Table Top!
The Tormentorum P-CCXXXVIII Trebuchet.
December, 2000

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