Panteria XI
Hardwick, VT
May 26 - 29, 2006

Two pavilions, both alike in dignity,
In fair Panther Vale, where we lay our scene. . .

Another Panteria, another three-day reminder of exactly why we do this. The only disappointment this year was knowing that the two people who did the most to make this trip possible for Lady Mickel & I had to cancel their own plans at the last minute. You were missed!!!

This year's Panteria gathering marked the debut of something new at the Haus Wanderstamm encampment. Although we did not refuse visitors their own modern camp chairs when we hosted a Saturday night gathering, the common ground in our encampment was otherwise kept free throughout the event of that unholiest of metals, known unto the Saracen as "aluminum". We instead displayed our own assortment of period furniture, which included joined backstools, trestle tables, Savonarolla chairs and stools, a three legged stool, assorted chests and boxes, and the occasional strewn cushion. This project has been a year or so in the making; it has been very educational, and it has been a lot of fun.

It was therefore a bit ironic that when The Neighbors (alternately "The Greater Malagentian Camp", "The Family", etc.) graciously invited us all to Sunday dinner, the only tableware that looked even remotely out of place was the stuff we had brought. The feast was fabulous(!), convincingly period, and had been largely prepared on site and over an open wood fire. Just awesome.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to ALL who helped Mickel & I on this trip, from loading the trailer before the event, to putting stuff away afterwards. We could not have done it without your assistance! THANK YOU!!


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Act I
A Haus Wanderstamm Encampment

Reading Room*

Rapt Audience


Act II
Iain & Adrienne Memorial Fire Pit

Alexandre & Ninian

The Neighbors

Muirin & Derek

A Neighboring Camp

The Neighborhood

Seth's Awesome Cooking Rack

Act IV
Fields of Martial Training

Looking for arrows in the grass*

Grand master Bowmen,
Max and Alexandre*

The Wrong Target*


Act V
Royal Court

The Peanut, Smoked Ham, Bread, and Assorted Cheeses Gallery*


Lady Muirin

Mylisant's Maunche Scroll

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