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Lady Anna Mickel von Salm is the 16c personae of historical re-creationist Lee Wilson.

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Knighting scroll for Sir Marcus.
Calligraphy by Lady Mickel, gilding by Lady Camille, portrait by Mistress Carolyne, illumination by a host of artists, wax seal by Laird Max.
July, 2012
Award of Arms for Nancy.
Calligraphy by Lady Mickel, gilding by Laird Max
July 2012
Pelican Badge for Carolyne.
Embroidery by Mickel.  Inspired by a stained glass window, Saint Paul's, Bremen, Indiana.
November, 2011

AoA for Marhault.
Calligraphy by Mickel.  Gilding and illumination by Ivan.
November, 2011
Maunche for Galefridus.
Calligraphy by Mickel.  Gilding and illumination by Camille.
September, 2011
AoA for Eliane.
Calligraphy by Mickel.  Gilding and illumination by Camille.
July, 2011
Pelican for Hedewigis.
Calligraphy by Mickel.  Gilding and illumination by Camille.
April, 2011
Maunche for Iain.
Calligraphy by Mickel.
Words, gilding, and wax seal by Max.
January, 2011
Sagittarius for Alexandre.
Calligraphy by Mickel.  Words by Max.  Gilding and illumination by Camille.
January, 2011

AOA for Delaney.
Calligraphy by Mickel, Illumination by Camille.
September, 2010
AoA for Aureliana.
Calligraphy by Mickel.  Words by Jean.  Illumination by Honig.
September, 2010
Melisaunde's Troubadour.
Calligraphy by Mickel.  Gilding by Max.
August, 2010
Terpsichore for Deonna.
Words and calligraphy by Mickel.  Illumination by Camille.
July, 2010
Silver Rapier for Xavier.  Calligraphy by Mickel.  Gilding and illumination by Camille.
May, 2010
Rapier Championship.
Illumination by Mickel.  Gilding and illumination by Camille.
April, 2010

Master Bowman for Alianor.  
Calligraphy by Mickel.  Words by Max.  Gilding and illum. by Camille.
January, 2010
Camille's apprentice belt.
Mickel embroidered the two slips shown in thumbnails.  The other two were embroidered by Ninian.
March, 2009
Developments on a 14c recipe.
Spring, 2009
AoA for Theo.  Calligraphy by Mickel.  Illumination by Honig.
July, 2009
AoA for Alianor.
Calligraphy by Mickel.  Illumination by Mistress Carolyne.  Words by Iain.
July, 2009

AoA for Petra.
Calligraphy by Mickel.  Illumination by Mistress Carolyne.
July, 2009
Loose Coats
inspired by examples and pattern from Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion.**
2009 & 2006
Contentezza d'Amore
Introduction to an Itallian Balleto.
Winter, 2008
 Vincent's AoA.
Calligraphy by Mickel.
(illustration of incomplete scroll)
July, 2008
AoA for Hanna.  Calligraphy by Mickel.  Illumination by Damiana.
July, 2008
Velvet doublet for Max, cartridge-pleated gown, goller.**
2003 & 2008

Linen Wulsthaube, cartridge-pleated gown.
To Double, or Not to Double
Arming vs. Turning.
Spring, 2008
Knit flat cap for Max
July, 2006*
Full Bed Tester.
Short Loose Gown.
Late 16c German,
inspired by the artwork of Jost Amman
Mickel made the outfits worn by Her and Max in Haus Wanderstamm's homage to the 15th C Burgundian court

Petit Vriens
Discussion of the dance.
December, 2005
Upon a Summer's Day
Discussion of the dance.
September, 2005
Heart's Ease
Discussion of the dance.
July, 2005
Rufty Tufty
Discussion of the dance.
May, 2005
Gathering Peascods
Discussion of the dance.
March, 2005
A Glance at Knitting
March, 2005

A dabbler connects with her own persona.
September 2004
Belt Pouch for Master Julien
July, 200
Cloak for Mistress Carolyne.
Embroidery by Mickel.
September, 2003
Max and Mickel's Easy, No-bake Pavilion
Building a pavilion can be fun, easy, and affordable.
Spring, 2003
Detail from late-period German apron.
15c German Relic Pouch.

Detail from Purse.

The following images are not thumbnails, and larger versions are not available.

Early 16c German Gown.
16c German Gown.
Saxon Gown.
German Gown.

Beret and Goller.
Full Circle Cloak.

German Market Dress.

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Photographs and other content are copyright 2011 by John Wilson unless otherwise credited.

*  Photograph by Lady Mickel von Salm.

**  Photograph by Lady Camille des Jardins.

***  Photograph by Nevill.

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