Clayplain events and activities

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Ongoing events in the clayplain forest:

Wildflower walks in the clayplain

Addison County Field Days booth

Honeysuckle control workdays

Educational events

Tree planting

Recent activities

March 2001:

Walk / Ski / Snowshoe in the Clayplain - 

Ecologist Marc Lapin and naturalist Mike Winslow led a group  on  a winter ramble through the clayplain forest in Addison County to learn about the ecology of the unique clayplain forest, native to Addison County, and track winter wildlife.

Cosponsored by:
Otter Creek Audubon Society

August 2000 - 2002:

Addison County Field Days

We display information about our project in the Forest Pavilion at Field Days.  Hope to see you there again next year!

September 2000:

Seed and Nut Caching Day -

A group of community members walked in the clayplain forest with ecologist Marc Lapin.  While learning about the clayplain forest natural community, they helped gather seeds and nuts for future restoration work of the Champlain Valley Clayplain Forest Project.

Cosponsored by:
Otter Creek Audubon Society

October 2000:

Tree Planting -

Members of the Cornwall 6th grade class helped plant trees in the clayplain forest.  If your school would like to get involved in a tree planting project, contact Marc Lapin.


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The Champlain Valley Clayplain Forest Project is sponsored by:
South Lake Champlain Trust
The Sustainable Future Fund
Lake Champlain Basin Program

Other supporting organizations include:

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