October, 2008

Shaffhausen, viewed from the Munot Fortress

A brief business trip to Switzerland also afforded tours of Zurich, the Swiss National Museum, the largest waterfall in Europe, and the town of Shaffhausen!

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Lake Zurich

Swans (and Pigeons)

The Wine Cellar Restaurant
Since 1551

Antique shop; not a museum.

Mayors once were heroes.


Up close

The National Museum

Swing Back Settle


Trestle Table

Savonarola Chair


Apothecary's Shop

BH - 209s

Gun/ Ax

Notch Lock Crossbow

Crossbowman's Quiver

Matchlocks with rifled barrels

The Munot Fortress

Well protected deer

Inside the fortress

Tower Stair

The Rhein

Gun port view


View from my hotel room.

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