Malagentian Yule Feast
January 15, 2005

House Wanderstamm performs an homage
to the 15th century court of Philip the Good*

Despite the absence of too many of our friends, this was the largest Yule celebration in Provincial history. 
Music stole the show, with an inexplicable number of talented bands, bards, and vocal groups performing throughout the evening. Miles surprised us all with a fabulous feast comprised entirely of Roman recipes. The evening ended with the DisSonatas playing to a crowded dance floor.

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 Our table

 A presentation by guests from Endwearde



 Her Baroness-ness!

 More Music

C   a   m   i   l   l   e

 John du Troubadour!


 Even More Music

 Faux pas?


 The Moonstone archives
on display


You did not just call the feast "Italian food"

 She drew first

 Will the music ever stop?

 Apparently not

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* Photograph by Jamin Brown.

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