Winter Feast
Portland, Maine
January 10, 2009

The Voci Dissonati**

A feast and auction were hosted by the Province of Malagentia and Shire of Endewearde, and autocratted by Lady Astrid Sigrun Ulfkillsdottir, on behalf of the incipient Shire of Hadrian's Keep. The evening was filled with music, dance, whack-a-seneshal, fabulous food, and magnificent company.


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The DisSonatas

Genuine Faux De la Pointe Salt Cellar™

Lady Camille

Lady Mickel

Lady Ninnian

In Defense of Dinner

Mistress Carolyne*

Marcus in the Kitchen

Bold Bards*

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* Photograph by Lord Alexandre Saint Pierre.

** Photograph by Lady Astrid Sigrun Ulfkillsdottir.

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