The Vigil and Elevation of Max & Mickel
Having taken place at the Great Northeastern War in the Province of Malagentia
Hebron, Maine, July 12, 2014

"I swear I have no clue what's going on!"  *

Never before in the history of the Society had a couple held vigil together, nor been elevated together to a peerage.1  Each candidate is considered on their own merits alone, and a dual ceremony would suggest otherwise!  But if this departure from well-founded tradition relieved someone from the hopeless task of defining where one of us leaves off, and the other begins, then we were only too happy to oblige.  We can no longer envision having crossed that threshold in any other manner than hand in hand.

Although appropriately couched in Medieval pomp and ceremony, an elevation into the Order of the Laurel is largely an expression of respect for a candidate's skill and devotion towards discovering and sharing knowledge of the ancient world.  If someone saw such qualities in us, it was because they saw us in Malagentia, in the camp of the Haus Wanderstamm, where the light is best.    

We remain staggered by the immense effort rendered to see us both inducted into the Order of the Laurel, by the many brilliant decisions made on our behalf, and by the genuinely unmatched beauty of our vigil, our elevation, our regalia, and our commemorative books. The event was, for us, profound, and our gratitude belongs to everyone involved. It could have happened nowhere else but in this Kingdom, in this Province, and in this incomparable Haus

Maighstir Maxton Gunn and Meisterin Anna Mickel von Salm

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Clueless. *
Called into the morning Royal Court on the battlefield. *
Still no idea what's going on. *
Wait! *
Early congratulations *

Morning Court ** Escorted to vigil * Haus Wanderstamm,
Vigil Village
Greeted at camp * Lady Aesa*

Display in camp * Hospitality * Mickel's vigil * Lord Iain * Lord Vincent *

Mistress Carolyne * Visiting with Froedrick  ** Lord Iain ** "You will have to wait." *

"Really?  Same thing happened to me!" * Standard Bearers ** Processing into Royal Court behind standard bearers proclaiming our worth. ** Bad-ass Escort ** Non-standard Bearers *

Someone told the Royals about us and Popsicles! ** Swap?  ** Much better * Mistress Ygraine speaks for Mickel * Mistress Carolyne speaks for Mickel *

Mistress Bryn speaks for Mickel * Duchess Avelina speaks for Mickel * "Short Ivan" reading the words which Sir Ivan texted on his way to the ER! * "Short Ivan" stands on the rail * Mickel's goldhaube ***
Made by Dona Camille des Jardins

Mickel's goller **
by Lady Maighread and Lady Maria Beatrice
Mickel's goller *
by Lady Maighread and Lady Maria Beatrice
Lord Iain announces Mickel's conferment. * Sir Cedric speaks for Max *

Baron Harold speaks for Max * Listening to Baron Harold * Countess Svava speaks for Max * Baroness Sylvia speaks for Max * Sylvia relates how Max had requested that if ever a Laurel were to speak at his conferment, it would be Mickel. *2

Medalion by Lord Iain, cap by Lady Alianor, shoulder cape by Lady Maighread and Lady Maria Beatrice.* Baron Jean proclaims Max's conferment. * "Lord Maxton Gunn . . . folds neatly for convenient storage." * Fealty* More fealty*

Vivant! *3 Greeted by the Order * Greeted by the Order ** Greeted by the Order ** Close of Court *

Capes and caps * Commemorative books **
variously by Baroness Anelada, Baron Jean, Baroness Sylvia, Mistress Carolyne, Dona Camille, Lord Quintus, Mistress Honig, Master Julien, Lord Michael, Sir Cedric, Lord Alexandre, and Lady Sorcha.


Dona Camille's page on the commemorative books
Aneleda Falconbridge's page on the text of Mickel's book

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Photographs and other content are copyright 2014 by John Wilson unless otherwise credited.

*  Photograph by Dona Camille.
**  Photograph by Lord Brendan Hill. 
*** Photograph by Kristen.

1.  This was repeatedly stated during our vigil, and seems likely, but is difficult to verify.
2.  Someone found the "In Case of Peerage" form I had filled out years ago.
3.  I bet you've never heard that before at a peerage.

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