Spring Coronation
Springfield, MA
April 10, 2010

Their Royal Majesties Edward Grey of Lochleven and Marguerite ingen Lachlainn sat in state in the spacious courtyard to receive their subjects; mostly Knights and Nobles who had come to loudly swear fealty, others to talk privately in hushed voices.  Lady Mickel & I bowed with formality and respect as we approached, knelt with somber expressions, and leaned in close.  The King and Queen leaned forward in their thrones, instinctively anticipating that we were there to discuss a grave and urgent matter. 

"About that t-shirt thing; are we all okay on that?"

Maxton Gunn

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Lady Camille,
Queen's Guard
It was the pirogies. Hey, I can see our castle from here. About that t-shirt thing. . .*Thanks for not killing Max.

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