Pennsic XXXII:
Slippery Rock, PA
August, 2003

Malagentian Fighters, after the Second Castle Battle

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Veronica, and a
well-earned siesta

I've seen this done
in paintings...

Full moon
over Pennsic

Archery, atop
Mount Eislinn

Mickel's teaching
debut at Pennsic

Mara warming up
for La Rochelle

Quintus, where's
your project?

Pot Luck Night
at the POD

Mickel finishing
garb on site


War Wolf returns
to Pennsic

Christian in
his new doublet

Mars & Luna

the camp course


Moonrise over
the POD

Up the hill at the

...and down the hill

 Unmuddied Warriors

Julien ready
for inspection

We are not
shiny and bright!

called Poppy



 Castle Battle II

Time to play

Einar takes aim

Hammer Fall

Wait for it...

...wait for it...

air conditioning

Julien & his
Owlstrike Crossbow


Seen during a
hold in action

Archers Team

David with improved

The Battle for
La Rochelle

Not by the hair of my
chinney chin chin

Christian's next
opponent brought a gun

Christian & Ivan
relax after fighting

 Arts & Science Display

Gown & painting

Gown by
Peacock Design

Slash & Puff

Period eyewear

Italian gowns




 Rapier Champions
/Christian's OGR award

Rapier Champions

Christian being
called before TRM

Darius II makes
the award

What Christian
wears to the shower

 Court Goers

Landsknecht &


Venetian Ladies
et al

 Mickel's Apprenticing to Mistress Deonna von Aachen

Deonna presenting
the journal

look on


 Pretend you didn't see this.

Beach Trip




They were on
their way to dinner...

Playing for
our camp


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