The Pennsic Peace
Wiscasset, Maine
August 5 - 7, 2005

The Wedding of John and Tracie Gerdes

 The Pennsic Peace is an informal and non-SCA non-event which takes place each year at the time of the Pennsic War. The original concept was for folks to get together at a local campground; bringing period gear, but no garb. We would skip the 1200 mile round trip to Pennsylvania, enjoy modern facilities and the best shops, restaurants, and recreation which the Wiscasset area has to offer, and spend each evening together about a fire.

This year, it was our delight and honor to also host the marriage of our friends, John Gerdes and Tracie Callahan! Lee & I did what we could to provide a Medieval campsite with perhaps a touch of elegance, while Iain and Adrienne went into "wedding coordinator" mode, silently taking care of countless details. The weather looked great, the ceremony was gorgeous, and the happy couple looked even better. We certainly had the attention of the campground, and the owners even coordinated with the nearby airport to prevent overflights during the ceremony!

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Pre-ceremony fidgeting

Queen of Diamond(ring)s



Reception line

Iain & Adrienne

Two of Cups

Ace of Swords






Subduing the cake

Still dancing

Caaaaaaaaake . . .

The First Phalanx of the Queen's Own and Only Malagentian Off Road Nose Pipers!

The "Off" Button

Plane crash before the reception



Uninvited Guest

Zzzzzzzzzz. . .


Jean and John

The Groom


Forest fire, across the brook from the campground!

John and Jean ***

Lee & John ***

Serious? ***

 Have you ever seen a doublet?*

 Touched a doublet?**

 On a doublet?**

 Poet Shirt*






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***Photograph by Jean Fujikawa

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