Pennsic War XXXVII
Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania
August, 2008

Camille, Vincent and Max prepare for battle*

Lady Mickel & I pilgrimaged to distant Pennsic with Lord Alexandre, Lady Ninian, and Lady Camille, all from Haus Wanderstamm, and Lord Vincent. There we were welcomed to set our tents inside the Gamol Gat encampment; friends from Endewearde, North of Malagentia. Fencing, shopping, arts & sciences classes, visiting, making music, attending performances, dancing, more shopping; we had a wonderful time by every measure!

Our thanks belong to the folk of Gamol Gat, for being fabulous hosts and great neighbors. Now that we know how fun and relaxing Pennsic can be, we might come more often!

Max & Mickel

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Known to the uninitiated as "dry ice."

Lady Mickel

Ready for LaRochelle!*

Unjolly Roger

Tiny Little Bible

Tiny Little chest

Tiny Little church

So much embroidery, so little time.

The Knowne Worlde

Dear in the headlights


Overheard at Pennsic XXXVII:

"Better safe than soggy!"

"Not now, I'm trying to drive a pig."

"Am I dressed foppish enough to join you?"

"But your persona is single!"

Heard a good one?
Send it in!

Trying out Middle Eastern garb

Alexandre and Max head for the archery range*

Mid-Pennsic, from Mount Eisling

Hey, I can see our camp from here! (just beyond the colored tent.)

Lord Alexandre

Lady Ninian

Water fight!



Lady Camille runs the gauntlet from the shower tent!


Con·tu·ber·nal n. with whom one shares a tent.

Laundry Day

Close-up of period bodice lacing.

Wolgemut leads a dance band.

Portable Cathedral

"Go on up; I dare ya."


Bridge Battle

An awesome wind wall

Varying degrees of commitment.**

Our beacon for Arts & Sciences**

Ready for a rainy day.

That could be rain!

Ready for a sleep-over.

Nice boots.

Another photo of a much-photographed tent.

Oh, cap-e-tan!

Rare mammatus clouds

Jean du Montagne performs in Gamol Gat!

Three Manche-keteers!

Evan and Ivan


Was that "three armies," or "army of three?"


Jiffy Fop!™


Back from the shops.

Hair attack!

Ladies Night

Two Engineers, two trucks, one stuck pole assembly.**

Gamol Gone!

First stop on the way home.

Hotel in Meadville.

Ninian 8
Alexandre 1


 Meanwhile, back in Malagentia, and despite a week of rain; the balance of Haus Wanderstamm faithfully celebrates
Pennsic Peace V.

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Photographs and other content are copyright 2008 by John Wilson unless otherwise credited.

* Photograph by Lady Mickel von Salm

** Photograph by Lady Camille des Jardins

***Photograph by Lord Iain of Malagentia

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