Thetford, Vermont
May 28 - 31, 2010

Visiting in front of the Nicolasodeon.

We arrived early at the new Panteria site, to be joined by housemates Camille, Alexandre, Ninian, Nicolas and Adrienne.  Astrid and Justin also camped beside us, which we greatly welcomed.  

We quickly learned that our household name is now an adjective, being used to describe furniture which is both, good looking and utilitarian!  Mickel, Camille, Alexandre, and two local musicians provided music for the first annual Moonlight Ball, and the Queen herself led the first dance.  Nicolas won the archery competition, while Ninian shot a Royal Round score of 59 before the serving on her bowstring started to ravel.  Max won the Northern Region Arts & Science Championship with his writing box, and is holding Camille responsible for her work in illuminating the drawer fronts.  It was Alexandre however, who was given a ring by Her Majesty when she noticed that he had already made the improvements on his A&S entry - a large field drum - which had been discussed at Birka.  He plans to install the ring on one of the drumsticks he is currently turning!

It was a fine event by all standards.  Our thanks to our hosts and our campmates for a glorious start to the new camping season!

Max & Mickel

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Our encampment.

Nice shirt.Bad shirt.

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