Panteria IX
Hardwick, Vermont
May 28 - 31 2004

I told him to bring a war horse, not a SAW horse!!

Three glorious days of playing and relaxing on a beautiful and secluded site in Northern Vermont has long been the definition of Panteria, but Mickel and I will surely remember this year's event for the evenings around the fire, sharing stories and music with our friends old and new. Never have we more regretted having to leave at the end of an event.

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 Overcloaked Veronica

 The beginnings of two days worth of firewood

 Ivan seeing double.

Malagentian bards

Whip lesson

Max *

A parade!

Mickel and and a newly-met musician practice with recorders

 Playing the Taj Pavilion


Malagentians admire the effect of
10 lbs of dry ice tossed into the lake.

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* Photograph by Elizabeth Wilson.

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