Panteria XIV
Hardwick, VT
May 22 - 25, 2009

A brief rain brings music practice indoors

Ours is a pointy and non-child-safe household.  We camp with no young children, have no particular desire to associate with young children, and are nominally allergic to them.  Yet belike storm clouds which will travel three miles upwind to rain on a tent, the children flock to us to make a playground at our gate.  Undeniably well-behaved, yet their unbridled clamor grates against our favored routine of music, naps, conversation, naps, and more music.  It was therefore somewhat of a relief one evening when their parents, perhaps noting our distress, called the children away to play beside their own camp.  And then imagine our selfish glee when came across the glen the chorus from these same parents of "Keep the noise down!"

Panteria was as fun and relaxing as ever.  Our thanks to our hosts and our campmates for a grand event!

Max & Mickel

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Tracie Making a bed




Us *

His Veyness

You never take me anywhere!

Warm Greeting



Q Markus Ninian & Alexandre Jack Trillium Lee!

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