Panteria XIII
Hardwick, VT
May 23 - 26, 2008

Max & Mickel*

The Wanderstamm expedition made camp at Panteria amongst heavy showers which persisted throughout Friday. We made good use of breaks in the weather, and even managed to grill our dinner over a cook fire, but otherwise spent the evening visiting under canvas.

By Saturday morning the weather was much improved! We played music, played bocce, ate quite well, relaxed much, mostly stayed in camp, and mostly stayed warm and dry. We watched riders go by on their horses, and would have also seen some archery if only they had set the range right next to us! Our evening fire was well attended, and it burned far into the night. After a midnight tour, Mickel and I returned to the Wanderstamm camp, revived our fire, and sat alone together under a sky crowded with stars.

We returned home Sunday night due to dire warnings of approaching hail, torrential rain, and high winds, but by then we already had a marvelous event, and our canvas was dry, so we left with no regrets.

Our thanks to our hosts, and our camp mates, for a delightful and relaxing event!



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Friday Evening at the Taj


More Music!

Delicate Flower of the Northern Army


The Grandstand


The Wanderstamm Camp

Evening Fire

Mickel Fireside

Lady Mickel

Lady Ninian

Behold the wondrous powers of New Super Fop-n-Glo™!

Breaking Down

Broken Down


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