Spring's Inspirations I - X

Spring's Inspirations VII

In 2002, an idea was set into motion in Malagentia: that we host a small event devoted exclusively to the arts and sciences. Not a competition-based A&S event, but a day of workshops where folks could gather, relax, and teach others their diverse skills. A chance for Province members from all walks of SCAdian life to play together.

Six years later as I write this, Spring's Inspirations has gained a loyal following of attendees from the region and beyond; the history of good food, good company, and knowledge shared, brings people back for more. Having been involved since the beginning, I am very pleased to see how well the event has prospered over the years, and am proud to be associated with a long list of generous teachers, cooks, and support staff who have brought to our area
"The Best Little Arts Event in Malagentia".

Autocrat of Spring's Inspirations I - X

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Spring's Inspirations X
Kennebunk, ME

May 14, 2011
Lawn bowling. That pallino had it coming! The Regional A&S Minister presides over the art of lawn bowling. The Autocrat, making the tough decision. And what would an art be without an appreciative audience? Tough competition.
This year's Spring's Inspiration was host to the third annual Northern Region Arts & Science Championship!
The competition was well attended by talented artists, and by judges who gave generously of their time, their appreciation, and their knowledge.  Our congratulations belong with Col. Christian Woolf who won the Champion's Choice for a remarkably authentic-looking and well-documented wooden spoon, and to Lady Ciarnait ni Bhorin who was declared this year's Champion for her magnificent display of handcrafted lace.
Gowns by Lady Astryda Borowska.
One of several illuminations by Lady Honig von Sommer.
Calligraphy in this instance by Lady Mickel von Salm.
Lace, lace, and more lace by Lady Ciarnait ne Bhorin.

Winner of the Championship!
Field Drum by Lord Alexandre Saint Pierre. Spoon by Col. Christian Woolf.
Winner of the Champion's Choice Award!
Pewter castings by Lord Mathius Fycher.
The display-only table.
Mousetrap and writing boxes by Laird Maxton Gunn.  Drawer fronts illuminated by Lady Camille des Jardins.
A judge measures his review.
Out-going champions announce this year's champion.
The Champion's Award.
Words by Laird Maxton Gunn, calligraphy by Lady Mickel von Salm, and medallion by Laird Maxton Gunn.
The struggle for art.
 The rigors of book selling.
A class on embroidery.
More class.
A peek into the kitchen.
A fine day board.
What the driver ran into,
and what the driver did.

Spring's Inspirations IX
"Silk & Steel"
Eliot, ME

April 18, 2010
There were tables full of Arts & Science displays . . . . . . and tables of fabulous food.
There was fencing . . . . . . smiling SCAdians . . .
. . . interesting and well attended classes . . . . . . and . . Oh, look!

Photographs of S.I. IX by Rachel Alley

 Spring's Inspirations VIII
Eliot, ME
April 25, 2009
Pewter Casting Calligraphy Arts & Science display Noddy Class ** Gilding ** Shade Sitting

The Fop Olympics! Lead Fop The Garter Fops-in-waiting Our Autocrat Bowles

Camile and Alianor Alianor and Camile Buckle Swash Alianor and Camile Boden & Bunny

Peeking into the kitchen Sneer of Cold Command Just a Day Board ** Double Apprenticing       ** Double Trouble

 Spring's Inspirations VII
Kennebunk, ME
April 26, 2008

A man and his arbalest


The Taj Pavilion

Diablo Bazaar!
There were classes!

And more classes!

9 Man Morris?

An Out-standing Piper

An Indoor Flutist
A book, and a tree to lean upon

Our Autocrat!
Site Token

 Spring's Inspirations VI
Kennebunk, ME
March 31, 2007

Keeper of the Gate

Teaching Medieval Games

The day board is on its way


The Renaissance Interiors discussion group *

Teaching Irish *

Playing Irish *




sewsewsewsewsewsew *

stitchstitchstitchstitch *

toottoottoottoottoot *

 Spring's Inspirations V
Kennebunk, ME
April 29, 2006

These folk are obviously discussing matters of importance. . .

. . . while these jokers,
however. . .

Malagentian Cat's Cradle?

Fingerloop Braiding.

The porch rail made a great excuse for holding class outside.

A green lawn and a sunny day were others.

Arts & Sciences Display

Gaming Table

The Gaming Table was dominated by Noddy, an early form of Cribbage.*

Playing Noddy

This coat was made from scraps, just to get the fit right, but was later finished!

Malagentia's Miniature Museum! *

Malagentians unaccustomed to sunlight.*

A demonstration of repoussť.*

This chair is juuust right.

A discussion on Period Seating*

Set-up for the Period Seating class.

Sitting on the displays.*

Can you catch that "new tent" smell?

 Spring's Inspirations IV
Wells, ME



Lots of great food

More classes . . .

 Spring's Inspirations III
Scarborough, ME

 Spring's Inspirations II
Wells, ME

The Moon in Her Complement

Lucia & Esmeralda

Card Weaving Class

Arts & Sciences Display

Musician's Corner




Pavilion Performers

Not-so-heavy List

Our Autocrat

The Unknown Malagentian

 Spring's Inspirations
Wells, ME

Lawn Ornaments

No idea at all


You would think all we did was revel in music . . .

. . . and you would not be far wrong.

The DisSonatas

Playing Solo




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** Photograph by Lord Boden Henebry.

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