Wanderstamm Point
 Endewearde  Hunt VIII
Newburg, Maine
October 7 - 10, 2011

The theme of this year's Hunt was Gaston Phoebus' "Livre de Chasse," as was well evident in many of the archery targets, the abundance of hunting horns, and the illumination-perfect weather.  The Count of Foix himself would have felt right at home!

We had an absolutely wonderful time at the Hunt, which brought this year's camping season to a grand close.  The event featured an entertaining archery woodswalk, a range of interesting and challenging novelty shoots, a fine dayboard, a bacon and oatmeal breakfast of heroic proportion, and long warm evenings spent about campfires with friends.  Really it was all too perfect, but there's just one thing we might suggest of our hosts. . .

. . . Next year, perhaps it should be Lady Constancia's turn to design the woodswalk?

Max & Mickel

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Lady Mickel.Laird Max.*Home.View from the Taj Pavilion.Ready for the Woodswalk!First Gate.
There's a target in there; honest!
Happy Huntresses.Shouldn't have just been standing around like that.What do we shoot next?Marshals get their turn at the woodswalk.A well-seasoned deer.Caption contest!
Submit your own.
"Tell Owin to put the pan on!" - Max
Got anything that needs to be shot?*Cute cuddly targets!*Boden never liked beanie babys.*Spectators.*Spinning thread.And not.**
This year's cobb oven appears to have been entirely successful!Gathering for the closing ceremony.It's always nice when one is not left to blow their own horn.First Archer of Endewearde!Winner of the Hunt!Several of Endewearde's TWENTY FIVE archers with Royal Round averages!
Setting up.*Packing out.

This year's Fall foliage started to arrive during the event!  The banner photo at the top of the page is actually a composite with a foreground taken early in the event, and a background taken on the last day.

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*  Photograph by Lady Mickel von Salm

**  Photograph by Lord Boden

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