The Wanderstamm Encampment.*
 Endewearde  Hunt VI
Newburg, Maine
October 8 - 11, 2010

Our thanks to the folk of Endewearde for a fantastic event!

Max & Mickel

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Lady Camille
and friend.
Wanderstamm Point.Mickel in the
Taj Pavilion.
Wading?Three Ladies.Linus.
Lunch.*Max.*Entering the forest.*Lady Ninian.*Timed target.*Difficult terrain.*
*'Shrooms.*The hunt*Timed.*It's no longer moving.  I guess we can stop shooting it.*Aww; only one left.*
*Probably should start running about now.*Oh, deer.*Returning from the hunt.*It's not all glamor.*Lady Mickel*

No fun at all.*Max & Mickel*Tablero!*Vey.*The Project that Never Ends.*Gwillim*
Court*Vivats!*Endewearde's Archery Champion.*

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*  Photograph by Lady Camille des Jardins

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