Harvest Moon
Harpswell, Maine
September 27, 2008

Best Hunter of Malagentia

Congratulations to Lord Iain for his Royal Round score of 102; to Lord Nicolas, our new Provincial Archery Champion; to Lord Alexandre, Archery Champion to the Haus Wanderstamm; and to Veronica Veassllette, Best Hunter of Malagentia!


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Our Autocrat!

Gwillim and Melisaunde

Doomed Targets

Does it count if it never reached the target?

Three Grand Master Bowmen *

Lady Ninian

Toblero *

Shut the Box

Sounding Shot **
(We could clearly see the clout; honest!)

Mickel & Camille ***

Fencers! **

Anyone for rabbit? **

Lady Mickel

View from the fencing field *

Minister of the List *

Fencing Tourney *



Best Hunter Tourney

Heartfelt Applause

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* Photograph by Lady Mickel von Salm

** Photograph by Lady Camille des Jardins

*** Photograph by Sydney of Malagentia

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