University at Harper's Retreat
Allenstown, NH
September 2 - 5, 2005

Lady Mickel picking from the Crossbow Tree . . .

 Harper's Retreat means different things to different people, as there was a lot going on in this sprawling site. For most of us of Haus Wanderstamm, Harper's was a camping event featuring gorgeous weather and three days of archery. Mickel taught a class on English Country Dance, and I am sure that we had all meant to take in the Bardic competition, but for the most part we spent the event between our encampment and the nearby archery range. Six archers from Haus Wanderstamm shot Royal Rounds, and Lord Iain, Lord Alexandre, and Nicolas scored their personal best! Lord Max and Lord Alexandre took the required tests to become Archery Marshals.

In the tournament, Nicolas tied for First Place in the Bowman class. He later shot a Royal Round score which once again brought his average up to the Master Bowman class!

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Max & Mickel, in the doorway of their "Taj Pavilion"**

"Tênt à Tênt"
A photograph taken from one tent to another.*

Lord Max*

Serenading the Encampment

His Chex Mix must be better than mine

Good Stout

Lady Mickel's Turn


Lord Iain

Lady Adrienne coaxing the fire

Haus Wanderstamm Archers

You're right; there's not a single hole in this target!

Lord Iain & Lady Adrienne


Nicolas ties for First Place

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