Great Northeastern War XVIII
Hebron, Maine
July 16 - 18 2004

Julien's Vigil

 Impressions of an awesome-if-all-too-short event: David winning the annual Lit-Sabre Tourney, midnight bocce, Alexandre overclocking the fire pit, sunrise gate shift, Veronica running everywhere, Royals, Merchants, record attendance, a three hour court, a three hour court, Throne Arrangement 101, T. Artorius posing for the Royals, Master Julien's Vigil, Baron Ernst out-shouting the torrential rain, finding our encampment in one piece after the storm, Twig saving the evening by getting the fire re-lit, taking all of Sunday morning to say goodbye to friends, remembering absent friends at Closing Court, what do you mean Nickerson's ain't coming?, Staff debriefing in the pool, steak at Mac's.

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 A Salute to Lord Einar Saelingr

 Overclocking the fire pit

 View from the Pavilion


 House Wanderstahm, at court

 Presenting the King's Favors

 Lord Einar's Banner

 Lady Veronica


 Lord Maxton*

 Lady Gillian

Lady Tiernan's Silver Crescent


 Lord T. Artorius

 Striking the Pose

 Why Turtles?



 Off to vigil

 Ray of Sunshine


 Lady Mairghread signing the guest book

 Mistress Carolyne instructing the Vigil Guards


 Ominous Cloud

  Master Julien

Three new Master Bowmen 

  The Wanderstahm Windwall at night


 House Wanderstahm made a pretty-good windwall.

 Julien made a bigger wall.

 Others made a siege engine to tear down walls.


 T. Artorius made site tokens

 Lady Mickel made a belt pouch; only one of many items added to Master Julien's regalia.

 Max made chairs . . .

 . . . and stools

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* Photograph by Lee Wilson.

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