The Great Northeastern War XXIX
Hebron, Maine, July 9 - 12, 2015

Saturday evening's feast in Wanderstamm Camp **

The less-favorable upshot of our elevation into peerage at last year's GNW was that our entire household missed going to the range that day.  This resulted in Malagentia narrowly losing the archery war point, and that tightly-contested war.  What can I say?

This year, the Archers of Haus Wanderstamm, some of the finest in the East Kingdom, boldly returned to the range and made a proper account of ourselves.  Many a paper Lannister fell to our bolts that day, and prizes of "filet minion" and ergot-free rye bread were proudly brought back to camp.  It was the least we could do.

A well-attended Craft Night was held in the Taj, an evening of dutch-oven pizza was orchestrated by Aesa, Anna Mickel presided over the 15th annual New Moon Balle, Ninnian helped run the Arts & Science display, Iain and Max took prizes on the archery range, Vincent, Aesa, and a recently-recuperated Camille fenced in the rapier field and the woods battle, and the whole lot of us shared a wonderful feast with our guests!  Many cups were raised in good cheer, and our fire burned late into the evenings.  All in all a magnificent event. 

Maighstir Maxton Gunn and Meisterin Anna Mickel von Salm

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A moment of pre-set-up down time.
Craft Night in the Taj Pavilion.
Pizza Night!


New Moon Balle! ****
The Band


Dona Camille! ***
Interior of the Taj.
Lord Vincent!
Max & Mickel, looking for coffee. **
Lady Ninian! ***

Aiming for the clout. ***
"I taste key-lime pie."
Anna Mickel claims another target. ***
The least we could do.

Two, please.****
A little music.
. . . He arrived too much too soon.
Feast!  **

Sunday is not entirely frantic.
No; not at all.

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Photographs and other content are copyright 2015 by John Wilson unless otherwise credited.

*  Photograph by Meisterin Anna Mickel
**  Photograph by Dona Camille.
***  Photograph by Lord Brendan Hill. 
**** Photograph by Cindi Hachey.

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