The Great Northeastern War XXVII
Hebron, Maine, July 6 - 14, 2013


"Night time"

has long been a household watchword,
but I suppose "collaboration" better describes what the Wanderstamm camp was all about.  No one ever missed an opportunity to help or to combine efforts, we certainly looked out for one another, and it was all done with a grace which sometimes made it difficult afterwards to know who all to thank.  The most frequently heard expression of the weekend?  "I love my Haus!"

Our congratulations go to Lord Iain, for receiving his AOA being inducted into the Order of the Sagittarius; but wow, did the herald butcher the delivery!  Congratulations to Lord Boden for perservering; that persistent eye twitch will surely go away with time.  Thank you to our wonderful neighbors, and to David for gracing our camp with music.  Thanks to everyone who made this event possible, and to all those who made this event astounding.

Maxton Gunn & Anna Mickel von Salm

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The Taj Pavilion.
No further caption needed.
Setting up the bell wedge.
Breakfast of pan-fried toast, pate' with brandy aspec, cheddar with caramelized onions, and pickles!
"It's all about knowing what to pack."

Mickel at Her crafts,
 and Max at his.
Growing camp.
Tea time!
Not the first stake she has ever driven.

Outstanding in his field.
A successful experiment with the Dutch oven.
Emergency Field Scribe.
Visit from Angelina.

The thirteenth annual
New Moon Ball!
The Band. Lady Camille. Day time.
Lady Ninian.
Gathering around the watering hole.

The Queen of Chaos
a field of kids with water balloons.
Torse and rein covers for the Artisan's Exchange.
A metaphor for bureaucracy?
Wanderstamm at court.
Lord Iain
being inducted into the Order of the Sagittarius.



S'mores Pie!

More GNW photos, by Mistress Brita
More GNW photos, by Brendan Hill

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*  Photograph by Lady Anna Mickel.
**  Photograph by Lady Camille.  Only one.  That's it.  Just sayin'.

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