The Great Northeastern War XXVI
Hebron, Maine, July 8 - 15, 2012

Haus Wanderstamm's Aluminum-free Zone!

Haus Wanderstamm put up a very comfortable encampment this year, despite missing several of our members (and I do mean "miss!").  We had marvelous guests, some of the best neighbors, enough ice cream to save us from the heat (thanks, Twig!), and the East Kingdom's greatest camping event laid out around us.  We were witness to the miracles of Lord Neville's bacon festival, Lord Boden's self-rising tent, and the Province of Malagentia's only second knight in 12,000 days!  We were involved in running the event, with various members in charge of Archery, the New Moon Balle, setting up the roads, Arts & Science, and, perhaps retroactively, Info Point.  Our Veronica Veasalius supervised the the youth in handing out water on the battlefield.  We looked out for one another, we collaborated and connived, we shared in a marvelous feast, drank to our absent friends, then drank to our absinthe friends.  Is it any wonder that the word "wanderstamm" describes folk who enjoy traveling and camping together?

Congratulations to our Lady Ninian for being recognized in Royal court as a Master Bowman!  Who knew you would get such mileage from that Bowman badge?  Congratulations to my Lady Anna Mickel, the East Kingdom's newest Terpsichore, and our heartfelt thanks to the folk who choreographed that effort!!  Much thanks to Iain of Malagentia for once again running a fun and safe archery range.  I'm sure the Queen has already forgiven you for failing her bow.  And our warmest welcomes to Lady Aesa, the newest member of Haus Wanderstamm!  You bore our "hospitality" so well, we knew you belonged.

Max & Mickel

This web page is dedicated to Lord Vincent of the Wild Wood, who selflessly taste-tested the treats he was going to bring to our encampment.

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Plant the pavilion *here*.
Second Breakfasts

Visiting before the event. Tangled web

Hiding the Deputy Autocrat
The band at the New Moon Balle
Book Cover for Lady Aneleda! Roland & Ninian. The cover illustration of the Officer's Dress Code Manual.
Pointy, and non-child-safe.

Lady Mickel, in the Taj. Twig to the rescue!

Delivering ice cream during court.
Feast!* Sometimes "wait!" really means; "wait; let me get my camera!"

Knighting scroll for Sir Marcus.
Calligraphy by Lady Mickel, gilding by Lady Camille, portrait by Mistress Carolyne, illumination by a host of artists, seal by Laird Max.

Award of Arms for Lady Nancy.
Calligraphy by Lady Mickel, gilding by Laird Max

Other photographs by Lady Camille

Photographs by Mistress Brita

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*  Photograph by Lady Camille des Jardins

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