The Great Northeastern War
Hebron, Maine, July 2 - 10, 2011

The Storm and Mickel.

I no longer complain about the centerpole of the Taj Pavilion being over-built, and heavier than it need be.  The storm which slammed our camp Wednesday afternoon knocked stuff over inside the tent, broke three stakes from Twig and Camille's bellwedge, tore up a canvas awning, and flexed that 3" diameter ash pole in a manner I had never thought I'd ever see.  The storm blew over quickly, and Camille, Mickel and I soon emerged to find the injured bellwedge still standing.  We were glad to have dropped our own awning, staked a tarp over the firewood, and lashed down our outdoor table, as clearly none of that effort had been unneeded!   From the number of downed trees, the National Weather Service estimated 60 to 70 mph winds.  It had certainly seemed all of that.

With that evening behind us, the rest of the event went remarkably well.  Our campmates arrived later in the week, and by Thursday evening our lonely hilltop had once again become the Wanderstamm encampment; a cozy circle of canvas tent and windwall, as familiar to us as any home we have ever known, an island amongst a sea of tents and campfires.  If the success of an event can be measured by the reluctance of leaving, then this year's GNW was truly remarkable.

Congratulations to our Lady Ninian Vesalius for achieving Master Bowman on Sunday.  Too bad about your one-day-old Bowman Medallion, huh?  Congratulations to our Iain of Malagentia for running a safe and much-lauded archery range; Duck Hunt was a nice touch.  Our thanks to Cara and Edward Rockbottom for joining our feast and enchanting our evening; you are always welcome at our camp, at our camp, at our camp.  Our gratitude and applause to Col. Christian Woolfe and the GNW staff for uncounted hours devoted toward providing us all with an outstanding event.

And our thanks, once again, to our dear campmates of Haus Wanderstamm.  The sun shines after every storm.

Max & Mickel

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Arrival!Home.Fireworks from inside the pavilion.It's all about knowing what to pack.Life under canvas.*Lunch.*
"The Mosquito Hour"
is renamed
"Hummingbird Hour."
Peak InspectorUnceremoniously defenestrated!Cutting out a new doublet.Relaxing in shade.The Swiss Army Knife of SCAdians.
Awning up.When this storm is over, will we still be in Kansas?Checking the bellwedge for damage.Awning down.Visiting on Thursday*Building the Wanderstamm Camp.*
More canvas.Caffeinated Minion.*The camp of Magnus Scotia.McPointe's.You deserve a break today!Tapestries!
Camille.Wanderstamm Camp.Lady Eliane
de Lorraine.*
Mid-court popsicle run.*Our Savonarola chairs were used as Their Highnesses' thrones.Happy Bard.*
Almost ready!*Feast.*
To absent friends!Lady Ninian
is happily wearing the wrong medallion.
A break during take-out.Camille of Arc.

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*  Photograph by Lady Camille des Jardins

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