The Great Northeastern War
Hebron, Maine
July 9 - 11, 2010

Late for Dinner

 We were on site a week early as the advance guard for the upcoming war.  It was seven glorious days of sunshine, and seven warm, star-filled nights.  Apologies to everyone for having used up the great weather before the event started.

Max & Mickel

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Starting with the finial*BowlesDefinetely on Vacation

Setting up Camp*Mickel & Max*A Crooked Little House*Roughing it***

That Outstanding PiperAn Awesome Display of Banners!Mickel & SydneyHubert*

Swift & Terrible**BBMMHHvA*CamilleGrand Master Bowman!*

*Early to DinnerFeast!Procession*D'aaaaaaw*

Judging of the Embroidery ChallengeSemi-casual Sunday Ends a Fine Event

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*  Photograph by Lady Camille des Jardins.

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