Great Northeastern War XXIII
Hebron, ME
July 10 - 12, 2009

Woolf's Dragoons and Woolf's Privateers share a stage

Six weeks of rain ended not one day too soon.  With much of the site still too soggy to use, the map was quickly overwritten to place camping on higher ground.  Woods battles and combat archery were canceled, and target archers made do with a greatly restricted range.  

All we cared was that the damnable rain had finally stopped.  Record attendance gathered under sunny skies, and enjoyed one extraordinarily fine event.

Our thanks and congratulations go to Lord Nicolas for running a fun and safe archery range!  The moat was a nice touch.

Congratulations to Lady Alianor, for receiving her Award of Arms, for accepting membership in Woolf's Privateers, and for her first ever tournament win.  And her second.  And her third.  And her fourth. . .

Congratulations to our friend and guest, Lady Honig von Sommer for receiving her Award of Arms.  And you thought no one ever noticed you.

Our thanks and appreciation to Lady Serena Caterina di Tomasso, our guiding light, for assisting Lord Alexandre in finding his way back to camp, and Lady Honig in finding her way back to the party.

And once again our thanks to all of Haus Wanderstamm.  Lady Murin and Lord Derek, we are so sorry you missed it.  We toasted you in your absence, and missed you greatly.

Max & Mickel

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Setting up between storms Where is everybody?

Standing water in the Archery Range


Chores to do Naps to take


Quiet evening

Very Quiet

Noisy Visitors

 Pretty Visitors

Hungry Visitors!

Lonely Writer's Garret Roughing it on port, cheddar, and fresh strawberries
Mickel & Max in the morning Portable Sunshade Various

View out the back window

Us **VeronicaNew Throne **Thursday AfternoonLiving in the (horseshoe) Pits **In the Pits

Fireside ***Prepared ***In the Taj Pavilion **

The New Moon Balle! ***The New Moon Band ***
Suspicious Characters ***
Sydney & Max

Three MaunchketeersMickel's Art DisplayWriting BoxThat's Captain Woolf!A very temporary henge

Dragon! ***Damsel with sameLady Anna MickelLady CamilleDouble-sided Doublet

New Fencing GarbTurbo-charged Razor BladesTwinsTourney WinCloakedHeadshot

InfightingNew CadetI did what? **Master Sergeant *****

Caption ContestBefore **Enduring
After **Lady Alianor
Lady Alianor **
See below for credits

Lady Damiana
Lady Damiana **
See below for credits
Aldrich **Flee **Surprise AppearanceSurprised!

Lady Honig
Lady Honig **
See below for credits
Lord Robert & Lady Petra
Lady Petra **
See below for credits
Lord Teofio ** Max **

Dinner at Wanderstamm **Wandering BardLady Anna MickelLate Arrivals.
Quite Late.
I don't think they're gonna pull through. **

Scroll Credits
AOA for Lady Alianor

Calligraphy by Lady Mickel
Illumination by Mistress Carolyne
Words by Lord Iain
AOA for Lady Damiana

Calligraphy by Lord Alexandre
Illumination by Lady Camille
Words by Lady Camille and
Mistress Carolyne
AoA for Lady Honig

Calligraphy by Mistress Carolyne
Illumination by Mistress Briana
Words by Lord Iain
AoA for Lady Petra

Calligraphy by Lady Mickel
Illumination by Mistress Carolyne
Words by ?

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* Photograph by Lee Wilson.

**  Photograph by Gen Coombes

***  Photograph by Sydney Robinson

****  Photograph by Abbey Davenport

*****  Photograph by Lady Bryn Miller

******  Photograph by Rachel Pinard

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