Great Northeastern War XXII
Hebron, Maine
July 11 - 13, 2008


"We'll help you with your tent at all hours, in sheeting rain. . ."

That promise, written in the most recent Household Newsletter, promptly came due when the storm of the season cut loose while Iain and Adrienne's large wall tent was being set up. Perhaps it was the howling wind and the pounding rain, but not a single complaint was heard while the lot of us hauled on the sodden canvas. And while certain that Lord Iain mercifully left a few of the finer adjustments for later, I don't recall the tent ever going up any faster.

And so it goes. Good households are a good idea.

Our thanks and congratulations go to Lord Alexandre Saint Pierre for once again running a fun and safe archery range!

Congratulations to Lord Iain of Malagentia for being recognized as a Grand Master Bowman! Your 14 points on the clout could not be beat.

Congratulations to Lord Nicolas for being granted an Awards of Arms (and for your 98 point Royal Round)!

Congratulations to Lord Vincent for being granted Royal Pardon. . .

Congratulations to Captain Jean de la Montagne on being accepted into the Order of the Golden Rapier! The Order was never more prestigious.

And once again our thanks to all of Haus Wanderstamm, for repeatedly demonstrating the finest qualities anyone could ever hope for in a Household. There was never a more enjoyable encampment.

Max & Mickel

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Caption Contest Results

The Advance Guard has arrived

Our lonely hilltop

John's Office

Lee's Office


Relaxed Morning


Civilized Man **



Raising the Flag**

You didn't press the button hard enough...**

Ninian's Chief Minion ***


What Rabbit?**

Wednesday Craft Night™

Waiting for scraps of fabric?

My Pizza!

Drinking Problem

Fletching by the Stars


Laying out the range

A tent set up just in time

A tent set up five minutes later

Lady Camille's Garden


M-M-Max *


DisSonatas playing at the New Moon Ball


Shady Characters*

Lady Ninian*

Composing text for a last-minute scroll **


Lady Angeline*


Un Hombre Formidable!*

Thoroughly Clouted

Performing at Queen's Tea

Queen's Tea

The Music Behind the Throne

Haus Wanderstamm

The last lady leaving camp better have her lacing in front.

Helping out in the kitchen, and looking elegant while doing it!**




Grand Master Bowman!

Think he likes it?

Illumination by Lady Camille des Jardins

Calligraphy by Lady Mickel


Lady Astrid

Lord Graeden

Braiding the ties to a falcon's hood

Lord Nicolas


Reading the Charges

Impersonating a what?!

"And may God have mercy upon your soul."

Words by Haus Wanderstamm
Calligraphy by Lady Mickel

Mid-court Refreshments*

Period Popsicles

The Captains new heraldry*

Have A Care! *

Dinner at Haus Wanderstamm *


Pretend you did not see this.

Always check beneath your table before leaving the restaurant.

Giving the A&S report at closing court*

Caption Contest Results!

 Here is a list of Caption Contest Favorites because I couldn't decide which was best.

"We expect you to clean that mess up right now!" - Lady Sorcha NicAedh

Knight to Queen's pillow! - mfka Lord Boden Henebry

"Yes I DO think you smudged my pretty little tyger." - Lady Bryn Millar

"FAIL" - Lord Maxton Gunn

"He's torn our carpet!" - Sir Ivan Ulrikson

"And I thought good fencers always found their targets." - Lady Mickel von Salm

"Am I in trouble???" - Sarah Veasslette

"I swear, your Majesty, the ship was sinking when we got there, everyone was already dead, and no one seemed to be using that treasure anyway. What's that? Oh, no your Majesty, that's Captain Woolfe over there." - Captain Jean du Montagne

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* Photograph by Lady Camille des Jardins

** Photograph by Lady Ninian Vesalius

*** Unknown

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