The Great Northeastern War XXI
Hebron, ME
July 2007


Our thanks and congratulations go to Lord Alexandre Saint Pierre for running an awesome archery range!! We are glad you survived it.

Congratulations to Lord Iain of Malagentia for receiving the badge of Master Bowman!

Congratulations to Captain Jean de la Montagne on your well-earned promotion. Your name would now look good on a writ of marque.

Our thanks and appreciation to Gormalach and Grant. You can camp within earshot of us anytime!

And once again our thanks to all of Wanderstamm, a most decidedly pointy and non-childsafe household, for making a hunting camp in the wilds of Malagentia into a home-away-from-home!!


Max & Mickel

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Yes, that was us.

Internet Cafe

The (Horseshoe) Pits

The First Step in SCAdian Ascension: a table and two chairs*

What passes in some cultures for a warm greeting

Lady des Jardins' Garden*


Lots and Lots of Canvas

The New Moon Balle

The Pas**

A Man and His Ferrets

It should be safe to talk here.*



The Falling Target That Would Not Die becomes a second-place trophy.**


Horn and Baldric by Matt the Mailmaker

Salt Cellar
by Julien de la Pointe

Jiffy Fop



Yes, I'm afraid that too was us.****


Shady Characters


Jean de la Montagne*

Captain Jean de la Montagne*


Wanderstamm commemorates Alexandre's achievement of Grand Master Bowman***

Got Him!***

Illumination by Master Julien de la Pointe, calligraphy by Mistress Carolyne de la Pointe!

Pre-court Powernap

Camile's Embroidery++

Mickel's Flat Caps++

Iain's Hood

and Hutch++

Adrienne's Hood++

Wanderstamm, Awaiting Court

Lady Angeline of the Old Orchard


Scroll and Sonnet

Lady Sorcha




Master Bowman!*

Master Ed

The Household at Dinner

The Haus Wanderstamm Traveling Night Board!*

Wanderstamm at Night

SCAdian Gothic

Reviewing photographs of the event*

Lowering the Colors***

Lady Camille, with one of the many pennants she made for the camp***

Tear Down

Break for Italian Ice

Friendly chat with the autocrat*

Max & Mickel*

Hazards of Napping

Oh, the horror!*




RAV4, the Official Car of Haus Wanderstamm

Escalation Champion*

Post-event Revel

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Photographs and other content are copyright 2007 by John Wilson unless otherwise credited.

* Photograph by Gen Coombs.

** Photograph by Erin Davis.

*** Photograph by Lee Wilson.

**** Photograph by Laura Foster.

+ Photograph by Adrienne Odlin.

++ Photograph by Susan Kell.

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