The Great Northeastern War XX
Hebron, ME
July 14 - 16, 2006

Mickel leads a stunned Max back to his seat, following his induction into the Order of the Maunche. *

Our thanks and congratulations go to Nicolas de Olivares and Twig, both of Haus Wanderstamm, for leading Malagentia's Archery Champions in winning a War Point for Malagentia! Master Bowman Nicolas was once again the overall high scorer in the Champions' Shoot, with the unranked Twig only one point behind and tied with the Boreal Army's Grand Master Bowman Li Kung Lo. Vivant!!

Congratulations to our Lady Camille des Jardins for receiving an Award of Arms. The Kingdom has recognized what your household has known all along.

Thanks and congratulations to our Lord Iain of Malagentia for a much-awaited and well-received return to the dias as a Court Herald. Next time, we're selling tour shirts.

Congratulations to our friend, Lord Boden Henebry for receiving an Award of Arms, and for a successful debut as a Court Herald. Please come back; even the Queen forgives you!

And our thanks to all of Wanderstamm, a most decidedly pointy and non-childsafe household, for a thoroughly delightful event!!

Max & Mickel


Lastly, I wish to express my gratitude to those responsible for my induction into the Order of the Maunche; for nominating me, and for representing my work to the Order. Thank you; your actions on my behalf were a truly remarkable gift. Although that magnificent scroll which Master Julien and Mistress Carolyne created to commemorate the event already hangs above my hall as I write this, I still remain quite stunned.


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 Our lonely encampment, Monday

 Wandering Minstrels Thursday evening

Our site was covered with "Malagentian" phlox 

Lee, building John's new robe 


 The declarations of war from the first "GNW"

Torchlit Pas d'Armes


Priming the Cannon


Camp Entrance*

Lady Camille's Garden*

The East end of the Wanderstamm encampment

Max & Mickel*

The New Moon Balle***


Arrivals for the
New Moon Balle 

 The Bard still known as "awesome"

Visiting well into the night

Lord Iain

Baron Harold*

Lord Alexandre*

"You will have
30 seconds. . ."*

Parry 4**

Parry 10**




Veronica Veassllette*

A grand entrance*

The Peanuts and Popsicles Gallery ****

Lord Boden*

Sleeping Veassllette


Maunching ****

Scroll & Badge

Members of the Order****

Maunched ***


Lady Camille***

a Letter of Marque for an "Award of Arrrrms"!

Letter of Marque

16 for Dinner

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Photographs and other content are copyright 2006 by John Wilson unless otherwise credited.

* Photograph by Gen Shower.

** Photograph by Sam Veassllette.

*** Photograph by Erin Davis.

**** Photograph by John Gerdes

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