The Great Northeastern War XIX
Hebron, Maine
July 15 - 17, 2005

Haus Wanderstamm

Lady Ninian had it right all along. This is what it is all about; the entire Household and our guests sitting together in camp after a long and active day, enjoying a sumptuous evening feast. This turned out to be the high point of an event marked by good times and perfect weather. We are a small Household in a large Province, but seated at this table are four of the Provincial Officers, five members of the current GNW Staff, two former GNW Autocrats, all four of the Province's Master Bowmen, and the winner of the event's Archery Champion's War Point.

 Although the event ran from Friday to Sunday, Lee & I spent the entire week on-site. There were roads to stake and target stands to build, but each evening offered us time to relax, together in our cozy encampment on a then-quiet hill.

Thursday brought the rest of the staff, and the bustle of activity. That was set-up day, and a year's worth of planning was suddenly set in motion. By the end of it we were ready to welcome our 900 closest friends to three days of fencing, heavy list fighting, archery, Medieval studies, music, dance, and merchanting. Lee (as Lady Mickel von Salm) was in charge of Arts and Sciences for the event, and the New Moon Ball on Friday night. I (as Lord Maxton Gunn) was the event's Archery Rangemaster.

All too soon, Great Northeastern War XIX was upon us!

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Before the Event:

Lee and Gen

True Coordination


Lit Night

During the Event:

Wanderstamm annexes
Lord Mathew and Lady Mara

How Fitting

The Taj Pavilion

Lady Mickel in Shade

New Moon Band
(The DisSonatas, and Guests)

Dancing the Rufty Tufty

Apprentice and Laurel; Lady Mickel and Mistress Deona

Clue Hut

Herald's Point

Our Autocrat

Up Range

And Down

(Photograph by Camille des Jardins)

Lord Alexandre and Nikolas
(Photograph by Camille des Jardins)

Fine Dining
(Photograph by Camille des Jardins)

(Photograph by Sam Veaselette)

Site Map
Artwork by Lord Iain of Malagentia & various period artists
Survey and compilation by Maxton Gunn

Lord Iain

Lord Derek

Their Castle
(Photograph by Charles Carter)

Our Castle
(Photograph by Charles Carter)

 Thanks and congratulations to Nicholas de Olivares of Haus Wanderstamm for winning the Champions' Shoot War Point for Malagentia! The other archers who proudly represented Malagentia in the Champions' Shoot were Baron Harold von Auerbach and Lord Cynric the Dabbler from Stonemarche, and Lord Alexandre Saint Pierre of Haus Wanderstamm.

Congratulations to Lady Mickel von Salm of Haus Wanderstamm for being recognized by Their Majesties as a Master Bowman! She is only the fourth Master Bowman in recent Malagentian history.

My thanks to Connel O'Dungal and the folks of Clan MacFarland for helping stake out the roads and build archery targets on site. My thanks to all of the Archery Marshals who supervised the range, especially Lord Anthony Martin of Silva Cerdonis (who shot for our rivals, Barony of the Bridge) and Lord Alexandre Saint Pierre (Marshal in Training), who both spent much of Saturday running the Mass Archery War Point and Royal Round shoots! And again, thanks to the many archers who participated, for playing their part in making this a safe and enjoyable competition.

And yet again, my thanks to all of my friends of Haus Wanderstamm, for their kind support and considerable assistance throughout the event!



Maxton Gunn
Rangemaster of Great Northeastern War XIX

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