Medieval Tournament at Fort Knox
Prospect, Maine
September 11, 2010

Adding the finishing touches to Seriy

 Somehow dodging a severe outbreak of conflicting schedules, we managed to be amongst the very few Malagentians who attended the Medieval Tournament at Fort Knox this year.  We set the Taj Pavilion beside the gate, opened up the front for viewing, and spent the day greeting hundreds of tourists and answering their questions on Medieval life.  

Max & Mickel

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Rather breezyMax *Preparing a scroll for an in-progress display
MalligrapherMattheus' awesome quiverThe Taj's sound systemOur interpretation of a royal hunting camp
Melisaunde's Troubadour Scroll,
by Lady Mickel
Visiting at the end of the demo **

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*  Photograph by Lady Mickel von Salm.

**  Photograph by Kate Waller.

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