Endewearde Hunt
Newburgh, Maine
October 10 - 13, 2008

Wanderstamm Camp

Camping by the water's edge during foliage season was cold, damp, and so entirely worth it!
More and more Household members have been attending the Hunt each year, and this time eight of us put up an encampment together. Lady Mickel and I could never tire of this.

Our congratulations go to Household members Lady Ninian, winner of the Embroidery Challenge; and Lord Iain, winner of the two-day Archery Tournament! Lord Boden won the Thrown Weapons Tournament, and Lady Melisaunde is the new Archery Champion of Endewearde.

Our thanks go to our hosts for holding a wonderful event at a gorgeous location, and for being such awesome neighbors!


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Location, location, location

Morning Coffee


What passes in some countries as a warm greeting.

Lady Mickel!

Embroidery Challenge entries
by Ladies Mickel, Ninian, & Camille


Lady Camille


He's baaaack


S'mores are period.

Winner of the two-day Archery Tourney

Winner of the Embroidery Challenge

Archery Champion of Endewearde









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