Endewearde Hunt
Newburg, ME
October 6 - 8, 2006

The Endewearde Hunt was Marvelous!! Beautiful site, warm days, the best company, a fine dayboard, lots of fun activities; it had everything. Our thanks go to our hosts for running such a great event!

Nicolas won first place overall in the Archery Tournament; a day long event which included an extensive woods walk, a "poison well" clout, a running fox shoot, and a fawn-foe shoot! Mickel did remarkably well in Her first ever woods walk shoot, and I got high score in the woods walk.

Justin's Saturday Night Fish Chowder was worth the price of admission all by itself.


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Path to the campsite

Stonekiller . . .

 Aiming for the clout,
or cloud?


The Defenders of Bardic Hill

A modified Owlstrike Crossbow with 1000+ Combat Archery kills!

William Tell-ing

A Running Fox

A fox that should have kept running 

Crossbow-hostile target
vs. a target-hostile

A hard frost to greet the morning.

"Decadence is its own reward."

 Overall First Place in the Archery Tournament!

 Bardic Hill

Embroidery Challenge

 Gaming on a three legged stool.
Bruegel would be proud.



Haus Wanderstamm pennant
by Lady Camille!

Examples from the Embroidery Challenge
This year's theme was "Bards, Bows, and Brews."
The alternate theme was "Brrrrrr!"


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