Spring Crown Tournament
Ste. Hermenegilde, Quebec
May 8, 2010


Hosted in fine manner by the Barony of l'Ile du Dragon Dormant, this Crown Tourney was nonetheless as cold and as muddy as any in recent memory.  Haus Wanderstamm, represented by Lady Camille, Lady Mickel, and myself, set up a tolerably-well provisioned viewing booth to provide stylish comfort for ourselves and our guests.  Master Julien, who retired from the field with a respectable 2 wins and 2 losses, thanked us for being there to watch, for extending our hospitality to he and Mistress Carolyne,
and for the cheerleading squad with the red and yellow pom-poms.

Tangent, arctangent, secant, sine;
come on Julien, hold that line!
Pi, pi, pi!

Maxton Gunn

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Our favorite local candidates* What's this about a rebellion? * Rah.* Round 1 *
**Max!*Still life
Mickel & Max*Cheerleading SquadYou do not dig near that.*Nor this.*
Sir Cedric*Putting on heirs*Moose Slayer*Warm & dry*

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