The Black Rose Ball
Kingston, Rhode Island
February 12, 2005

The Waites!

 A contingent of Malagentians traveled to the Barony of the Bridge to attend the annual Black Rose Ball. Many of us stayed at nearby Larchwood Inn, had dinner together at The Mews, and arrived at the Ball just in time to claim the last parking space. We enjoyed hours of dancing to the music of Carolingia's Waites, who had reclaimed their traditional venue. It was a well run and well attended event, and would have been perfect save for one thing:

One cloven fruit is an amusement,
two are a nuisance,
a bushel is cry for help.

Several of us visited Higgin's Armory Museum in Worcester on the way home the next day. I've included photos from the museum as well.

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Mara and Mickel

Muirun and Derek

Baronial Court

Mara and Michael

Higgin's Armory Museum

Worcester, MA

John G tries to buy
"off the rack"

Military Forks

You don't want to know.


Men wore no hats in the presence of the Queen

Gunner's Stiletto
Marks on the blade allowed measurement of cannon bores and balls

Wheel-lock Pistol

Dagger and Mace

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