A Market Day at Birka
Manchester, NH
January, 2010

"Wait; who agreed to not have you murdered?" *

Haus Wanderstamm, in collaboration with Broake & Thumb Studios, raised $455 at Birka for the Royal's Travel Fund by selling t-shirts handsomely emblazoned with "MASTER JULIEN AND MISTRESS CAROLYNE FOR KING AND QUEEN IN A.S. XLV".  And every one of the Nobles, notables, and good people whom that effort tweaked, irked, or otherwise stepped on were then obliged to applaud when we presented the monies that evening at Royal Court.  How diabolical is that!

My Thanks to Everyone who bought a shirt; the members of Haus Wanderstamm who encouraged this effort and donated the materials; Lady Ameline Bernaerds of Broake & Thumb Studios for volunteering her time in making the shirts and selling them out of her booth; Master Julien and Princess MISTRESS Carolyne for going along with our unasked-for and most un-politic campaign, and Princess Marguerite ingen Lachlainn for eventually agreeing to not murder us dead over it.  

Maxton Gunn

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Double-kill von Salm **
Master Bowman! *
Not bad for three
week's effort.
Trying not to smile
during the Korobushka *
Haus Wanderstamm
bestows a commemorative
scroll. *

Calligraphy by Lady Mickel von Salm
Illumination by Lady Camille des Jardins
Words by Laird Maxton Gunn
Singular Accomplishment by Lady Alianor Becket

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* Photograph by Rachel Alley.

**  Photograph by Blair Barriault.

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