A(nother) Market Day at Birka
Manchester, NH
January, 2009

Lady Mickel proudly displays Her Silver Crescent scroll!**

Calligraphy by Lord Alexandre Saint Pierre
Illumination by Lady Camille des Jardins
Text by Lord Iain of Malagentia

Court at Birka included a heart-stopping moment for me, when I was inducted into the Order of the Silver Crescent.  My humble gratitude goes out to all involved in making that happen, to Alexandre and Camille for crafting the scroll, to Quintus and Camille for crafting the medallion and its presentation linen, to my friends for keeping the wool over my eyes until that moment, and to Max for his support of my SCAdian work and for his encouragement and love.


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Lord Alexandre*

Lord Boden*

Captain Christian*

Max & Mickel*

Lady Mickel is called before the throne.*

"Barely Has She Slept" reads the scroll.*

Boden, however. . .

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* Photograph by Lady Camille des Jardins.

** Photograph by Lord S P deBump.

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